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  • How Many Friends Are Enough?

    A recent survey, conducted by the One Poll site, examined our relationships and friendships, in particular the number of friends we have and how many of them we can truly rely on and the findings fly in the face of recent trends exemplified by the growth and

  • English Premier League Race Heats Up

    The English Premier League is more than just a domestic football league. It’s a global phenomenon, the most watched domestic league worldwide and as it approaches its thrilling conclusion for this season, the drama that attracts its millions of followers is set to multiply.

  • Football’s Dark Side

    Twenty years ago on the 15th of April 96 fans were killed in a crush at the FA Cup semi final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, the Hillsborough disaster. It was one of football’s greatest tragedies and set English football on a path of reawakening.

  • Generation Y’s Difficult Financial Decisions

    Generation Y, defined as anyone born between 1978 and 2000, usually owners of an iPod, seen hanging out in trendy nights spots at all hours, notorious big spenders and likely to switch employers as regularly as relationships. But how will the impact of the global financial crisis hit Gen Y?

  • Loving Love The Beast

    Eric Bana may be best known as one of Hollywood’s leading men but last weekend at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix he was just another competitor in one of the support categories. There was no sign of Hollywood around him.

  • The Global Phenomenon That Is Top Gear

    How has a TV show about cars, cars that most of us will never be able to afford, hosted by three middle aged Englishmen at a time when the automotive industry is on its knees and car sales are well down become so popular to the point that it went on a worldwide stage tour? 

  • Where Have Our Manners Gone?

    Where have they gone? Disappeared, in the main at least. Why are we so angry, so impatient and why do we ignore even the most common of courtesies, why can’t we muster up a simple please or thank you?

  • The Cricket Landscape May Be Changed Forever

    The tragic events in Lahore that saw Sri Lanka's cricket team attacked have sent shock waves around the world as the cricket and sporting world comes to terms with these events. The repercussions will be felt by cricket for years to come.

  • Space Travel For The General Public

    Space travel is now becoming a commercial entity, a reality to the general public, should you have a spare US$200,000 to spend that is. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group is opening up space to the public with a fascinating development in space tourism. 

  • The Genius of Ricky Gervais

    When you think of Hollywood, Ricky Gervais isn’t the first name that pops into mind and yet the self-described “fat man from Reading” is now a Hollywood leading man and one of its hottest tickets.