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  • A Tragedy On An Unimaginable Scale

    Australia is bleeding. The bush fires that have ravaged the Victorian countryside have claimed 181 lives at the time of writing. Whole towns have been completely wiped off the map as the severity of the devastation sinks in. 

  • The Sopranos – The Greatest TV Show Ever?

    A mark of greatness is longevity. Whether a product, in particular an art form, can stand the test of time and still be well received decades down the track. Like the Beatles, the Sopranos will still be well received years down the track.

  • Ignore History At Your Peril

    Why study history? It was a question I was often asked during my university course. While friends went down the typical path of Accounting, Law and other degrees that led straight into the workforce, for me history was a lesson in life and not just in a particular profession.

  • A New Dawn Or False Hope?

    Barack Obama’s inaugural address had a sombre feel to it. Despite the incredible fanfare of his inauguration, Obama knows the mammoth task he faces to “rebuild America.” Can he live up to the hope of being the saviour?

  • How Well Do You Know Your World?

    During the past week I have been consumed by an online game that tests your ability to name all the countries of the world. It is addictive, a real test of your geographical knowledge and understanding of the world.

  • Facebook – An Odd Social Phenomenon

    It draws you in. A friend suggests you should sign up, “It’s a great way to keep in touch,” they say. Once you’ve signed up and worked out what the hell it’s all about, you’re already in the world of status updates, poking and friend requests from strangers.

  • Celebrity – Why Do People Care?

    Paris Hilton arrived in Australia for a New Years Eve party and the media went crazy, following her every move as the public lapped it up. But what accounts for this interest and worship of someone whose fame is not based on any talent? Why do we care?

  • Remember Those Not So Fortunate This Christmas

    It’s easy to get swept up in the Christmas cheer. Turn to the media and it’s all carols, happy families and joy for the festive season. The reality for many is a lot different.  

  • New Zealand’s Undervalued Impact on Motorsport

    Brendon Hartley looks like your average teenager with his floppy blonde hair.

  • DVD Review: The Dark Knight's Legend Grows

    As the DVD release of “The Dark Knight” hits stores this week, it was recently announced that the epic will be re-released in cinemas in the USA early next year as it fast approaches grossing a mammoth $1 billion worldwide. It is an accolade worthy of a masterpiece.