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Brian Dalley

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22 May 2009


Brian Dalley is a qualified NZMBA Mortgage Broker, Property Investor and former Real Estate Agent.

You can read more of his views and opinions on his website


  • Solo Parents Deemed "Work Ready" At Risk Of Losing Benefits

    From today, the Government will be forcing solo parents it deems "work ready" to find work, or risk losing their benefit.

    Around 4500 parents have been selected as guinea pigs, and will be the first called up to discuss their circumstances by WINZ case managers.

  • Samoa Tsunami: What Happened To All The Housing?

    It is nearly a year since a massive earthquake sent a devastating tsunami crashing over Samoa’s shores.
    At least 143 people were killed and more than 4000 displaced.

    New Zealanders were moved by the disaster and dug deep to help – giving over $20 million.

  • Housing Can Be Affordable In Any Area Of The Country When One Takes Out The Cost Of Land

    That is something I have been advocating for years but still get a cold shoulder from those empowered to make the changes required.

  • Why Should People Pay For Something They Could Get Free?

    For years now mortgage brokers have debated the subject surrounding charging a fee as opposed to being paid a commission from the lender.

  • How Will The Increase In The OCR Impact On Home Loans?

    Has Alan Bollard put pressure on banks to hold rates and lower their margins by increasing the OCR or, will it be business as usual, OCR goes up, retail interest rates go up?

  • Interest Rates - Act Now... Or Wait Until Next Week?

    Fixed Rate, Floating Rate, or a Combination?

  • Is The "Property Bubble" About To Burst?

    Some are predicting it is only a matter of time and that time is growing near when we will be rattled by an unprecedented property melt down.

    A scary thought for many I should imagine. But where do these scare mongers gather such evidence.

  • A Milestone For First Home Buyers And KiwiSaver

    The clock is ticking and my advice to those that qualify and have time on their side, take action now.

  • Housing New Zealand Opens Its Doors To Private Investors

    Few are now talking about the changes to tax on residential property investment which is understandable as the government has done just enough to keep opposing sides happy.

  • The Increase To Building Costs Is Going To Affect Us All

    Last week I put the following question to a Master Builder that we work with that specialises in building residential investment properties in Hamilton.

    What impact to you think the increase to GST will have on the building industry?

    This is what John had to say: