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Brian Dalley

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22 May 2009


Brian Dalley is a qualified NZMBA Mortgage Broker, Property Investor and former Real Estate Agent.

You can read more of his views and opinions on his website


  • The Average Property Investor Is Set To Lose $1000 A Year And It Won’t Stop There

    It has been reported that due to depreciation been done away with on the improvement portion of investment property (takes effect on 1 April 2011 next year) some are set to lose as much as $1000 a year and some are saying it won’t stop there.

  • The Collapse Of The NZ Real Estate Market May Only Be Days Away

    If what you read is true - Hold On, a collapse of the New Zealand Residential Property Market may only be days away as property investors ready themselves for the government’s much-awaited 2010 budget.

  • Auckland House Prices Jump By $709 A Day

    As reported in the New Zealand Herald Saturday Apr 17, 2010 house sales are booming nationally and Auckland leads the way with a $709 a day jump.

    Auckland last month had the biggest price rises and the most deals.

  • More Than 50% Of P-Labs In Rental Properties

    More than 50% of P-Labs discovered in New Zealand have been in rental properties, how can this be you might ask?

    Surely property managers are meant to be doing regular inspections of rental properties? 

  • Just As Many Houses Sell Over The Winter Months (True Or False)

    Was that statement just an exaggeration to kick-start a sluggish real estate market?

    Watching the interview with Alistair Helm on ASB Business the other day I guess some could have been excused for feeling sceptical as to Alistair’s comments;

  • Is Kiwibank Going To Be The First Homebuyer’s Saviour?

    Recent government discussions of potential tax changes have halted inquiries from investors who usually bought at the lower end of the price range so is this going to open the door to first home buyers.

    Well, not if the so-called mainstream lenders have anything to do with it.

  • Are You Better Off Renting Or Paying A Mortgage?

    As housing affordability is set to get worse many are now being left with no alternative but to rent even though homeownership is their preferred option.

  • Property Screeches To A Holt… (18 Year Low)

    Inaction by property investors, (who account for approximately 5% of total sales) cause the market to stall.

  • No Deposit Home Loans For Maori Only

    Maori (and only Maori) have been offered no deposit home loans as New Zealanders have been told to save for a deposit. It may look like I am discriminating with that comment as aren’t we all New Zealanders but I ask you, who is doing the discriminating?

  • Mum & Dad Property Investors Can Now Move Forward

    Mum & Dad Property Investors can now move forward and take advantage of great opportunities in the market place as Housing New Zealand opt to retain their lease program to house the less fortunate.