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I am a mother of two teenage boys and a step granny of 5.I write a lot on children's issues.I feel strongly about children getting an education before school and the very important and often undervalued role of parents as first teachers. I am volunteer for a children's charity that supports and encourages parents to do basic things like talk to their kids! There are so many parents who want help to be better parents and not enough goes into helping them!


  • Childcare Or Home - Helpful Tips On Making A Choice?

    "Choosing childcare is one of the most challenging decisions a parent makes says," General Manager Development and Quality at Kidicorp, Fiona Hughes.  

  • Is There Quality Childcare For Babies?

    "It sounds like the Children’s Commissioner, John Angus is trying to frighten parents", says Fiona Hughes, General Manager Development & Quality of Kidicorp, NZ’s largest private childcare provider.

  • 5 Ways To Clean Up New Zealand

    The Keep New Zealand Beautiful with a big spring clean up week championed by many kiwi companies and individuals starts September 4 to 11.

  • Can I Afford Childcare? Kidicorp Answers

    Can I afford childcare many parents ask? Can you afford not to give your child an education before school so they are ready to make the most of the large classroom format?

  • How To Keep Your Word To Your Kids

    Children need to know their parents are reliable. That makes them feel safe. And they know their parents are reliable when they always keep their word.

  • How To Find Quality Childcare For Your Baby

    Kidicorp, NZ's largest provider of early childhood education has produced some tips on what to look for if you are putting your baby into childcare.

  • Another Telethon Needed To Support Parents

    How many people felt the irony of the tragic death of another toddler while the country raised money for raincoats and school lunches?
    Were we, as Mike Hosking said, ‘fundraising for the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff?’