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13 August 2009


Chris Ford is a freelance writer and researcher based in Dunedin. He takes a left democratic socialist/social democratic perspective on the political issues of the day, whether they be national or global in nature. Chris has a strong interest in social justice issues. His work has been published in many local and international publications and he has also written not just on politics but on a diverse range of subjects ranging from real estate to economic issues. Chris is a graduate of the University of Otago and has worked for social services agencies and as a public servant. Disclosure statement: Any views expressed within his blog are strictly his own. Also, for the purposes of transparency, Mr Ford is currently a member of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand.


  • Chris Ford: The Government's climate change target - flooding and other disasters aren't conditional, Mr Groser!

    I can't help but express my strong disappointment in Climate Change Minister Tim Groser's declaration that New Zealand will take a highly 'conditional' position of advocating for an 11 percent cut in total carbon emissions based on 1990 levels at the Paris Climate Change talks in December

  • Chris Ford: The Greek debt crisis: why Syriza must exit the euro and not give into the Troika's 'economy scream' strategy

    In 1970, after the election in Chile of Salvador Allende, the first Marxist to be democratically elected to the leadership of any Western nation, then US president Richard Nixon wrote an infamous note which outlined the US's plans to eliminate what it saw as a new Cu

  • Chris Ford: The Colin Craig saga: Why do the Right's other parties hate the Conservatives?

    It seems that Colin Craig's Conservative Party - and Craig himself - are coming apart over his 'inappropriate' behaviour plus other internal party frictions.

  • Chris Ford: FIFA and its scandals

    Once upon a time corruption within sport was seldom heard of. Players and athletes went out onto sports fields and competed for the pure love of sport and the glory of representing their club or nation.

  • Chris Ford: The UK election result - a shocking night for the English left but not for the Scottish or Welsh left

    Yesterday, I took some time off work to watch the United Kingdom election results. When I saw the first exit poll, which confounded all previous polls, my heart sank. I realised (as few did) that the exit poll probably was closer to the actual result.

  • Chris Ford: John Key and Ponytailgate - he may have won the political battle but may not win the legal war

    Last week's revelations about John Key and his forceful pulling of Auckland waitress Amanda Bailey's hair in the cafe she worked at caused a real storm.

  • Chris Ford: Anzac Day - lest we forget those who do not fit the ideal

    Anzac Day 2015 has been and gone. The centennial Anzac Day has been full of the usual bonhomie about us lest not forgetting the sacrifice of our soldiers abroad over the last century. Of course, they should be remembered, it goes without saying.

  • Chris Ford: A quick word on National's Sky City climbdown

    Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce announced this afternoon that Sky City had backed down on its demands for government cash to help build its vainglorious Convention Centre complex. Instead Sky City have agreed to build a less costlier, watered down version.

  • Chris Ford: New Zealand and ISIS: We get our own invitation to World War Three

    On Friday, Iraqi Foreign Minister Dr Ibrahim al-Ja'afari came bearing a letter asking, in his own words, for New Zealand to join the Middle Eastern regional equivalent of the World War Three against Islamic State.

  • Chris Ford: Chan and Sukamaran - Indonesians taking hypocritical stance

    Today came the news that Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are coming one step closer to meeting their fate at the hands of a firing squad.