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Chris Ford

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13 August 2009


Chris Ford is a freelance writer and researcher based in Dunedin. He takes a left democratic socialist/social democratic perspective on the political issues of the day, whether they be national or global in nature. Chris has a strong interest in social justice issues. His work has been published in many local and international publications and he has also written not just on politics but on a diverse range of subjects ranging from real estate to economic issues. Chris is a graduate of the University of Otago and has worked for social services agencies and as a public servant. Disclosure statement: Any views expressed within his blog are strictly his own. Also, for the purposes of transparency, Mr Ford is currently a member of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand.


  • Chris Ford: Fonterra crisis: need for greater regulation and accountability!

     It's time for Fonterra to be broken up!

  • Chris Ford: The Pakeha Party - yeah, right?

     Facebook has introduced New Zealanders to the latest political sensation during the last 24 hours - the Pakeha Party!

    As soon as my attention was brought to this fledgling party's existence I thought to myself - what's next?

  • Chris Ford: Sideshow Bob Parker bows out - what a surprise!

     Embattled Mayor of Christchurch Sideshow Bob Parker has called it a day. I was genuinely surprised!

  • Chris Ford: The Man Ban, the Labour Party and the New Social Movements - no wonder the Right did a wedgie!

     This week blogger Whale Oil got a scoop from what appeared to be an internal Labour Party source. This source revealed that sections of the Labour Party were promoting a potential women only shortlist idea used in other political parties around the world.

  • Chris Ford: Nelson Mandela - his life is now in extra time

     The end is near for Mandela.

    Despite today's reports about him enjoying a slight improvement in his condition, it is only slight. Also older people whose lives are coming to an end tend to experience brief rallies before finally succumbing. 

  • Chris Ford: Shame on Obama!

    Shame on Barack Obama! Shame on him!

  • Chris Ford: Is the end really near for Julia Gillard?

    There has been more speculation about Julia Gillard's leadership this past week in Australia. The real question remains though - is she really gone this time?

  • Chris Ford: The good and the bad of Mana's housing policy

     There are good and bad elements of Mana's housing policy.

  • Chris Ford: Good luck Lianne Dalziel!

     Good luck Lianne Dalziel! She will need it in her fight to become Mayor of Christchurch.

  • Chris Ford: The Great Winter Storm of 2013 - Climate change comes calling again!

     The Great Winter Storm of 2013 has seen the spectre of climate change come knocking on our door again!