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18 July 2008


Cityhop is NZ's first car share company offering cars by the hour in Auckland and Wellington CBD. Become a member and pay as little as $13 an hour including the gas.


  • Another council gets car share


  • The Waste of waste

    There are so many people thinking about reducing waste and we at cityhop love reading more about people who think a bit like us - how to improve the quality of the environment we live in!

  • Greenings your holidays

    People often say you need time to change habits. No better time to look at your eco-friendly habits and begin the change in your holidays. Start  the way you want to  continue your life. Here's three ideas for a 'green' start.

  • Zipcar CEO Wins Social Entrepreneur CEO Of Year Award

    Corporate Responsibility magazine in the US named Scott Griffiths, the CEO and Chair of Zipcar as CEO of the Year in the 'social entrepreneur' category.

  • Do You Really Need A Car?

    If you live in a city then you don’t need to own a car. So said, William Clay Ford Junior. His great grandfather invented the Model T but today the the famous Ford saying is ‘any colour you like as long as its green’!

  • Driving A Business Further

    A long standing  Cityhop car share member is using car share to drive his business further! Dion Howard has a business that takes fun and laughter to people – it's the Amazing Travelling Photo Booth.

  • Council Adds 2000 Car Park Spaces For Car Club

    Not in Auckland or Wellington yet but Boris Johnson has pledged that by March 2011, London will have a further 2000 car parks spaces dedicated to car share vehicles as part of his commitment to reduce congestion in London.

  • How To Drive Less And Save Money

    Here’s 3 easy steps to using your car less.

  • Zipcar car share to float on US market

    The world’s largest car sharing company, Zipcar, is planning a US stock market float that could raise up to $75m.

  • Greening The Top Of The City

    Cityhop is always on the look out for interesting people doing eco-friendly things that we can tell more people about.