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18 July 2008


Cityhop is NZ's first car share company offering cars by the hour in Auckland and Wellington CBD. Become a member and pay as little as $13 an hour including the gas.


  • Plant 7 Trees A Year And You're Carbon Neutral

    According to it is estimated that the average person needs to save about 7,000 kg of CO2 per year. So planting just 7 trees each year is one strategy for achieving this.

  • World Oceans Day: Wear Blue Tell 2

    It’s World Oceans Day today and a day to ‘wear blue and tell’ two suggests the Ocean project website.

  • Waking Up To What Is Sustainable

    More and more people are practising what they think is sustainable behaviour but is it? This week two comments caught eco-blogger, Victoria Carter's attention and are worth sharing to encourage more considered thinking around some of our so-called sustainable actions.

  • The Whale Said Thank You

    More from the 'our rubbish is killing the wildlife' files.

  • Plastic Bag Tax Works Wonders

    Surprise , surprise, when you charge for plastic bags people tend to use less of them! Washington DC introduced a charge in January, of a nickel for a plastic bag, that’s about 5 cents.

  • Reduce Emissions And Have More Money

    People all over the world are recognising the damage driving their cars is doing to the environment. Car share addresses this significant environmental issue and results in reduced carbon emissions from less driving.

  • Ignite And Be Enlightened

    Here's a fast way to find out new stuff, share ideas and be enlightened! Cityhop car share co-founder Victoria Carter is looking for people interested in setting up an Ignite for Auckland in 2011. This global phenomena that began in Seattle in 2006 is now in its 4th  year.

  • Noel Leeming and Bond & Bond Make Recycling Easy

    Wow, half an hour after writing a story about shops needing to make it easy for customers to get rid of their non recyclable packaging,  Bond & Bond replied to eco blogger Victoria Carter, co-founder of Cityhop telling her that the Noel Leeming

  • Stop Polystyrene Packaging - Pressure The Suppliers

    Sick of getting boxes with polystyrene and other non recyclable packaging, co-founder of Cityhop car share, VIctoria Carter  has started to write to all the major companies who sell big items and use non recyclable packaging to ask them to set up a place 

  • Recycle Your Christmas Tree

    Eco-friendly blogger and car share founder, Victoria Carter, has found that you can even recycle your Christmas tree - that is as long as it once was a real one. Plant your tree if it came in a pot.