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18 July 2008


Cityhop is NZ's first car share company offering cars by the hour in Auckland and Wellington CBD. Become a member and pay as little as $13 an hour including the gas.


  • Dummies Guide To What Can Go In Big Recycle Bins

    “It’s rubbish day in our neighbourhood and as Cityhop in my car share car around the streets I reckon 1 in 3 recycling blue bins will end up contaminating the truck,” says recycling obsessor, Victoria Carter founder of eco-friendly car share company cityhop.

  • 10 Last Minute Sustainable And Cheap Gifts For Christmas

    Don't despair, here are 10 ideas for all you last minute shoppers to show you to do care and you have been thinking – thinking about doing your bit for the Planet.

  • 5 Gifts For Greenies You Know

    Getting the perfect gift for your friends and family at Christmas requires a lot of thinking about what each person is interested in. Victoria Carter, eco-friendly blogger and CEO of NZ’s only car share company, Cityhop has some ideas.

  • 10 Eco-Friendly Driving Tips For Car Free Day

    Today, September 22 is carfree day! You wouldn’t have noticed it on Auckland City roads this morning! Okay, so you can't get out of your car yet, but what else could you do to drive a little less, and in an eco-friendly way?

  • New Plymouth Gets Car Share

    Cityhop, NZ's first car share company, is delighted to launch its first car share spot in New Plymouth coinciding with Car Free Day September 22. A special joining fee of only $50 was also launched for the day.

  • Who Decides What Is Art?

    While it is great to see Auckland City  cracking down on tagging one has to wonder about the wisdom of painting over artwork that has graced the city’s walls and stopped taggers for many years.

  • Is Big Better?

    Auckland is getting ready for a Super City but does it mean we will have a super city. Does big really mean more efficient and  better?

    Is big greener? Yes - in terms of the number of petrol stations they have for the number of people, but keep reading!

  • Can You Live Well Without A Car?

    Cityhop recently came across a great book on Amazon called How to live well without a  car.

  • 12 Principles of Sustainable Consumption

    Victoria Carter, CEO of NZ’s first cars by the hour company, cityhop writes when she sat on the Sharing And 7 Other Ways To Reduce Your Footprint

    Becoming more ‘green’ conscious doens’t mean huge sacrifices, but it can require a different way of thinking.