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18 July 2008


Cityhop is NZ's first car share company offering cars by the hour in Auckland and Wellington CBD. Become a member and pay as little as $13 an hour including the gas.


  • 10 Eco-Driving Tips

    Transport produces some of the worst numbers in terms of carbon footprints and results in serious environmental destruction.

  • Making A Difference Starts With One Step

    Have you heard the story about the old man who loved walking along the beach. One day  he saw a person moving like  dancer, bending, then wading out into the waves with arms extended. As he got closer he saw it was a young girl but she wasn’t dancing.

  • Mileage Tax Fairer Than Petrol Tax

    Terrapass, one of Cityhop’s favourite sites for good ideas on being more sustainable recently had a blog on  a milage tax  - a system of charging per kilometre instead of a tax on petrol at the pump as a way to fund transportat

  • Clean Up Our Beaches

    Here is a great idea for the weekend. Join a pile of other people on a boat trip to Great Barrier and spend the day cleaning up the Great Barrier coastline.

  • Five Ways To Save Water And Save The World

    We are very lucky in New Zealand, we have a lot of good, clean drinking water. In fact, we have so much water that we can take it too much for granted. It’s only when you are on a water tank that you are forced to think about how much water we consume.

  • One Easy Step To Clean Up Your Office - Or Is It Easy?

    Victoria Carter, CItyhop’s CEO was in the Hawkes Bay last weekend and read in their local paper that there was a national E Day coming up. Great she thought, time for a clean up.

  • Want To Drive On The Most Fuel Efficient Cars In The Country?

    Want to drive on the most fuel efficient cars in the country? Cityhop provide self-access to eco-friendly cars located in the CBD's of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

  • Cheap Airport Travel Launched In Auckland And Christchurch

    Cityhop now offers its members a cheaper alternative to taking a taxi to and from the airport in Auckland and Christchurch.

  • Bikers Needs More Infrastructure

    I have been reading all the debate on whether the Harbour Bridge should have a cycling lane. What staggers me is why it needs to cost so much! And why are we still debating it!

  • Three Tips To Save Power And Be Eco-Friendly

    Recently a large power provider was asking for ideas on saving power and therefore saving money. Cityhop sent some ideas.