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18 November 2008


If you´re reading this (a miracle in itself) welcome to my very tiny corner of a large mad world! I encourage you to keep on thinking, keep on asking, and keep on laughing... "The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving." – (Gloria Steinham)


  • Nuclear Weapons in the "wrong hands"?

    Recent propaganda from Isis has claimed that they could obtain nuclear weapons within the year.

  • Ask the NZ Government to end Child Poverty in 2015 Budget

    New Zealand has a shit OECD ranking for child well-being. We're ranked above Mexico and Turkey. That's it. Out of all the developed countries in the world, we're the most deeply affected by growing income inequality.

  • Support from Medical Workers and Students Needed

    Working as a medic in a warzone could be considered “pushing shit uphill” when your own government is actively trying to kill you, along with everyone else*.

  • The little boy who complained to God

  • Fighting the Dog Meat Trade

    Obscene atrocities happen in our world every day. Beheadings, bombing, genocide, massacres – etc. As we typically plod along with our heads in the sand, it always interests me to know - what is the limit of what we’ll tolerate?

  • Save Campbell Live – But you have to Save Yourself

  • We’ve received an S.O.S. call from another planet

    This weekend we observe Easter. The dark days are over. Spring is here. Jesus offers hope. Throw in a fertile rabbit and some promising new eggs. Dip everything in chocolate. We can begin again. We can forgive. The phoenix rises from the ashes and so too, can we. If someone was to make an S.O.S.

  • The next time you update your Facebook status

  • Commitment phobia is awesome

    I received the most heart-warming message that came with an assuring disclaimer:

    I like you*

    “Oh my!” I thought – and kept reading excitedly:

  • It's a spicy FIFA World Cup!

    I don´t even like watching sports, but Brazil just got their ass kicked by Germany!