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18 November 2008


If you´re reading this (a miracle in itself) welcome to my very tiny corner of a large mad world! I encourage you to keep on thinking, keep on asking, and keep on laughing... "The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving." – (Gloria Steinham)


  • Human Life... What Are We Worth???

    Now I know I’ve already written about violence. But in the newspaper the other day I saw a picture which almost made me vomit.

  • How To Kiss A Stranger

    Every now and again my friends used to kiss me hello or goodbye on the cheek. I felt very cool and European. Then I moved to a hot sweaty country (and I don’t mean that in the good way) where everyone wants to kiss your dam cheek. And I don’t feel cool and European.

  • A Crack Head By Any Other Name... (Would Smell As Sweet??)

    For the first time in my life I have an office of my very own to work from. Despite the gaping hole in the ceiling (where the crack heads broke in through the roof) I am very excited.

  • He Hit Me Because He Loves Me...

    Roses are red
    Black eyes are blue.
    I brought these flowers
    To make it up to you...

  • Fighting for Peace is like Screwing for Virginity

    I recently read that more Americans survived the sinking of the Titanic than English passengers, because they pushed their way onto the lifeboats while the English stood in lines, politely waiting for their turn to be saved.

  • Clever Things to Say on Your Deathbed

    If you’re going to die (and to the best of my knowledge you probably will) you might as well go out in style.

  • Confused About Body Image?

    Ever noticed how popular Women’s Magazines often follow sections like “Celebrity Weight-Loss Secrets Revealed!”, “Diet Tips of the Stars!” and “Get your Buff Beach Bikini Bod!” by recipes for “Creamy Puff Cream Puffs!” and “Chocolatey Chocolate Caramel

  • Kiwiburn Summer Festival 09 - Effigy Burning, Costumes, Camping and More!

    If you need an excuse to put on some hippy pants, hug strangers and practice fire dancing, I have just the thing.

  • A-Z Opportunity Guide 2009

    I had a sneaky read of someone’s C.V. the other day that was lying on the desk in the office. It belonged to a 32 year old male. His record of employment included Rafting Guide, Ski Instructor, Bungee Jumping Jump Assistant, Mountain Biking Guide, Canopy Guide, and Photographer.

  • Nutritional Secrets You Should Know

    Think of your supermarket as a natural pharmacy. Certain foods have amazing medicinal and health benefits that have been utilized for hundreds and thousands of years. From the rainforest to Pak’n’Save, access to complete nutrition is just a shopping list away.