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If you´re reading this (a miracle in itself) welcome to my very tiny corner of a large mad world! I encourage you to keep on thinking, keep on asking, and keep on laughing... "The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving." – (Gloria Steinham)


  • Famous Marine Conservationist Arrested as Government Seeks to Protect Coastline... WTF?

    It goes against the grain these days to screw people over in favour of the environment. Usually it’s the other way around.  Rainforests, the “lungs” of the earth, are cut down. The ocean is depleted.

  • New Zealand imports diseased pork for consumption

    This is really gross and I wonder how keen you’ll be on your bacon after reading about it. It’s very important though, so you have to read on.

  • Pottermore Vs. Guild of Thieves

    Today I was playing computer games on the company dime. I enrolled myself into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry., got chosen by a wand of Rowan wood with a unicorn hair core (quite supple) and was placed by the Sorting Hat in Slytherin.

  • How to Master Agressive Dogs (?)

    I have a friend who is the loving owner of a Pit Bull and Brazilian Fila. However when they began to fight aggressively with each other, she sought to prevent them from doing harm and figure out the root of the problem.

  • Bad Pick Up Line - Smooth Execution!

    A while back I wrote a blog about worst pick up lines ever. Since then there have been more. I really don’t know how some people manage to get laid, or even get ahead in life.

  • In Defence of Gingers!

    I recently read the article about the sperm bank that wouldn’t take ginger sperm, cause no one wants ginger babies. I can’t say it didn’t sting a little.

  • Fastest-ever plane goes missing on test flight

    This is simultaneously one of the stupidest and fishiest things I have read in recent times.

  • New Zealanders say NO to child beauty pageant

    We’ve taken a few ridiculous afflictions from America on the chin. Shameless how people (usually white trash) exploit their children for a few minutes of fame. But we do draw the line at Beauty Pageants for toddlers.

  • Why dating in your 20's changes

    Something shocking happened.

  • "Just because it's ugly, doesn't make it eco"

    Since everyone sulks into their wine glasses because “there’s no cuuuulture in this town” the turn out to a local fundraising benefit (for some endangered monkeys) was pretty good.