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18 November 2008


If you´re reading this (a miracle in itself) welcome to my very tiny corner of a large mad world! I encourage you to keep on thinking, keep on asking, and keep on laughing... "The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving." – (Gloria Steinham)


  • Oil Spill: "Hot-gushing, butt-cramping, gut-hosing"

    The latest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico makes you sick, right? 

  • Global Catastrophes Finally Explained as "Ring of Fire" Theory is Debunked!

    All I can say is... Thank God someone finally had the balls to say what we were all thinking!

    In recent months a series of devastating earthquakes have shaked the globe. Is there a connection? Yes!

  • Is Peace Possible With The Catholic Church?

    Thank God, that above all else, the Vatican has finally come to its senses and made peace with The Beatles!

  • Wizarding World Of Harry Potter... For Everyone?

    Is anyone else über excited that the wizarding world will be revealed to muggles on June 18th???

  • "Would Jesus be a Capitalist?"

     “So far 3 trillion dollars have been spent on economic stimulus packages. One percent of this could feed 59 million hungry children for one year.” - World Food Programme.

  • The Ugly Truth - Is There More To Men Than Just Chasing Skirt?

    Lately I have become so disillusioned with men that I am starting to seriously wonder if there are any good ones out there. I challenge any good man to come forth, or forever hold his peace... we need to know they´re out there!

  • Dogs Used As Live Bait To Catch Sharks - For Real??

    Over the years I have become a member of many notable and perhaps even radical Facebook groups, including, “I dont get drunk...

  • A Night of Manliness at the Rodeo

    It was dark on the highway last night and the car in front of us hit an old man, then sped off without stopping to see if they’d even killed him or not.

  • Global Warming: "We Simply May Not Have The Power"

    Dirty old rotten old Global Warming, said to be caused by us dirty rotten people, is now being described as history's biggest scam. Why?

  • What I Learned From Rumpelstiltskin & Sea Squirts

    Every now and again I have a wee identity crisis. Among the multitude of questions I ask myself, the two that always come back to haunt me are:

    1.  "Am I doing the right thing?"