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If you´re reading this (a miracle in itself) welcome to my very tiny corner of a large mad world! I encourage you to keep on thinking, keep on asking, and keep on laughing... "The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving." – (Gloria Steinham)


  • Being Barbie

    When I was a little girl, I was told I could be anything I wanted. I took this quite literally and narrowed down my options by writing a list: Policeman, Spy, Supermodel.

  • Stiletto Stoners

    Marie Claire magazine recently published an article about “Stiletto Stoners.

  • WANTED: Warm Toasty Hats For At-Risk Babies

    Summer is rumored to be on the way.

  • 1080: Poisoning Paradise - The Great New Zealand Ecocide

    If you don’t have a strong stomach, maybe this documentary is not for you. Especially if you are an animal lover. On second thoughts - watch it anyway.

  • Tuna Nearing Extinction

    Everybody knows that the best place to find a delicious juicy whale to eat is in Japan.

  • How to Choose a Career Path (You Won’t Regret)

    Money vs. Love...

  • Top 10 Best Things About NZ

    Many New Zealanders, at some point in their life at least, will be possessed by an “Incurable Wanderlust.” You can argue the urge to travel is in our D.N.A. or others might say it’s simply because NZ doesn’t quite cut the cheese (on the grand scale of things).

  • Booed, Screwed & Tattooed… The Sparkly Decline of Tattoo Art

    A friend and I rocked up to the movies on a Tuesday night to check out whatever was on.

  • Swine Flu Vaccine Conspiracy

    Rumour has it that Swine Flu was created and set upon us purposely. The Vaccine was filed 7 months before the first cases were ever reported and was officially patented one month before Swine Flu appeared in Mexico. I read this on the internet, so it must be true.

  • What Music Defines You?

    If your life had a soundtrack, what songs would you include?