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Dave Griffith

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12 June 2009


Dave is a Human Resources professional and freelance writer. He is interested in sport, movies, politics and history. He enjoys the outdoors lifestyle on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington. Being a Hurricanes, Warriors, Phoenix and Leeds United supporter means he has come to learn that losing when it matters is not the end of the world - it just feels like it.


  • New Zealand in Champions Trophy Final – Don’t Dream it’s Over

    You will have realised by now that you are not dreaming. Fronting up at work on a Monday morning should have been enough to jolt us back to the reality that we have been awake all along. New Zealand really is in the final of the Champions Trophy.

  • Top 10 Workplace Songs for Managers

    The Beatles, Elton John and Queen are all there in the list of top 10 favourite management anthems.

    10: Yesterday – The Beatles

  • Obama Steers America Away From 'Cold War' Politics

    The decision of President Obama to shelve plans for a new missile defence shield in Eastern Europe marks a major shift in American foreign policy.

  • All Black Fans Letter to Graham - 5 Simple Rules To Follow

    Dear Graham, It’s been a long time and we had a good thing once. I still love that ‘Crazy Frog’ thing you do when the cameras switch to the coaches box after the All Blacks score.  

  • Champions Trophy Cricket Preview: South Africa Favourites But India Will Win It

    Since its beginning in 1998 the Champions Trophy has long been the poor cousin to the World Cup.

  • All Blacks Need 'Full Monty' Not Marvin The Robot

    What has Graham Henry got in common with Marvin the Paranoid Android and General Montgomery? He is all 'Marvin' and no 'Monty'. 

  • de Villiers Insults a World Record 6.8 Billion People in one Interview

    Peter de Villiers the quote machine of world rugby has exceeded his own achievements to date in setting a new personal best mark of insulting 6.8 billion people in a single interview.

  • All Blacks v Springboks Preview & Peter, Graham and Robbie – The Early Years

    Recently discovered school reports from the SANZAR Elementary School give us an insight into the early years of the current Tri-Nations rugby generals. Here are some excerpts from their teacher’s comments.

  • Governments Don't Get It – There Is No Future In Oil

    The news that BP has made a 'giant' oil find in the Gulf of Mexico will be welcome news for their shareholders and will probably lead to a small short term drop in oil prices which will please consumers.

  • Michael Jackson 'Alive' Video Hoax The Worst Kind of Journalism

    A commercial TV stations sole purpose is to make money for its shareholders by attracting as bigger an audience as possible through smart programming and raking in the advertising revenue that comes with it.