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Dave Griffith

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12 June 2009


Dave is a Human Resources professional and freelance writer. He is interested in sport, movies, politics and history. He enjoys the outdoors lifestyle on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington. Being a Hurricanes, Warriors, Phoenix and Leeds United supporter means he has come to learn that losing when it matters is not the end of the world - it just feels like it.


  • Get Carter! Journalist’s Chase MP Around Parliament

    Are we all over our righteous hissy fit over some MP’s putting a few extras on their credit cards yet? A close examination of any government department for a day would reveal wastage of public money many times greater than what was put on the MP’s credit cards.

  • Psycho – Classic Hitchcock Horror Turns 50

    Psycho the film that gave us three of the most famous minutes in cinematic history turns 50 this week.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones Honoured By Queen Elizabeth II

    Hollywood Princess Catherine Zeta-Jones is to be honoured by Queen Elizabeth II. Zeta-Jones has been awarded  a CBE in the Queens Birthday Honours List for services to the film industry and to charity.

  • The A-Team – Griff's Movie Review

    In the mid 1980's and for years afterwards in syndication, the A-Team ruled the roost in comedy action/drama as producer Stephen J. Cannell (at the time recently fired from ABC) scored a surprise hit in his first production for NBC.

  • Shrek the $2.5bn Ogre Rules the Box Office

    For an ogre who started off in self pitying isolation Shrek has sure come a long way from his swampy bachelor beginnings.

  • Woman Banker Fired For Being Too Hot – Yeah Right!

    Poor Debrahlee Lorenzana, a victim of her looks fired by management at Citigroup Inc, because male colleagues and supervisors were to busy drooling over her to concentrate on their work.

  • FIFA World Cup Group F: New Zealand vs Italy, Slovakia,Paraguay - Preview

    When a country like New Zealand qualifies for the football World Cup as far as the rest of the world is concerned we are pretty much a 'stocking filler' to pad out the groups for the first round before the serious competition starts between the heavyweight contenders in the last 16.

  • Time for Israel to Take a Good Look in the Mirror

    In July 1947 the passenger ship Exodus laden with 4515 Jewish holocaust survivors neared the Palestinian coast. The British Navy carrying out the hard line policy of their government in preventing illegal immigrants to Palestine, boarded the vessel.

  • Kiwi Hulme Supercar Open for Orders – The Dream Becomes Reality

    The long held dream of a dedicated group of kiwis for New Zealand to produce a world class supercar has taken a major step today with the release of options to buy the first production run of the Hulme CanAm open top model.

  • Sarah Ferguson – Victim of Tabloid Vultures

    I am not saying that the royal family is like the mafia, but there is one similarity that when you are 'in' the family you are protected.