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Dave Griffith

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12 June 2009


Dave is a Human Resources professional and freelance writer. He is interested in sport, movies, politics and history. He enjoys the outdoors lifestyle on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington. Being a Hurricanes, Warriors, Phoenix and Leeds United supporter means he has come to learn that losing when it matters is not the end of the world - it just feels like it.


  • Asset Sales - A Step Too Far For National

    Go ahead with asset sales Mr. Key and your honeymoon with the electorate will be well and truly over. In fact separate bedrooms and the neighbours hearing raised voices will be the order of the day.

  • The Stupidity of Olympic Mascots

    Who wants them apart from the marketing people? The unveiling of Wenlock and Mandeville the London 2012 Olympic mascots is the latest chapter in a long line of commercially driven visual disasters.

  • Don't Write Off the All Blacks Yet

    No team has been selected, no balls kicked, no tackles made yet it seems a defeatist gloom has descended over our nation - The All Blacks will probably lose.

  • Whistle Blowing Goblin Reveals Secret Government Advisory Panel

    The ancient forest with its dense canopy blocked the moonlight. But in the clearing the glow of firelight bounced off the surrounding tree trunks. On top of the glowing embers was a large black iron cauldron. Bill could clearly make out the silhouettes of three people hunched over it.

  • BP – Pumping Like Crazy at the Wrong End of the Supply Chain

    PR your way out of this one BP. Can't get off your butts to pump petrol into old peoples cars but can pump millions of litres into the Gulf of Mexico. 

  • Hulme Super Car Revives the Glory Days of Kiwi F1

    Ever wanted to own a super car but couldn't afford it? Now you can own a slice of a whole super car company for as little as $1000.

  • 10 Easy Ways for Phil Goff to Get Noticed

    When a political party leader can’t be found, even in the opinion polls it is time for drastic action. Any of these ultimate makeovers are guaranteed to get Phil Goff more noticed than he is now.

  • Stuck on the Treadmill of Life? – Plan a Holiday

    Ever wondered what happened to your life? We were young once with the world at our feet. We could go where we liked, when we liked and do what we liked. Life was full of promise and adventure.

  • Michael Laws - I Am Legend - The Rest of You Are Not

    Fresh from fighting to save the world from Greenies, Commies and pacifists our favourite Tory super hero is in action again. This time it is personal, this time they are messing with HIS town. Not just a part of it but the very thing that identifies it – its name.

  • Bingle Overplays Her Hand

    She grew up in Coastal New South Wales and went to a private girl's school. A year pursuing modelling work in Italy followed