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Dave Griffith

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12 June 2009


Dave is a Human Resources professional and freelance writer. He is interested in sport, movies, politics and history. He enjoys the outdoors lifestyle on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington. Being a Hurricanes, Warriors, Phoenix and Leeds United supporter means he has come to learn that losing when it matters is not the end of the world - it just feels like it.


  • Greed, Control and Arrogance: Super Rugby’s Decline

    Not that many years ago a young rugby player growing up in New Zealand would dream of playing for their province and beyond that the All Blacks. For those of us not good enough to have those dreams we supported our team.

  • Key Shows True Colours With Vintage Right-Wing Tax Agenda

    What is so attractive about GST to the Government that they seem to be dedicated to raising it? If a government is raising a tax and offering all sorts of other monetary incentives to 'compensate' for it then why bother doing it in the first place?

  • The Mystery of the Missing Herring - Humpback Whales to Blame?

    The herring are missing in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

  • Japan Locked Into Whaling War it Cannot Win

    Give it up Jap whaling dudes! So you sunk a boat after you zapped the crew with an evil noise machine? Problem is that more boats will come and plenty of volunteers to crew them.

  • Phil Goff's Political Strategy - Predictable and Doomed

    Phil mate, your party was in power for nine years under the supreme leader who hogged all the photo opportunities and headlines. Now she is gone and so has power.

  • Supermarket Madness

    Supermarkets – nearly all of us go there. What drives you nuts? Check out this list of super frustrations and see if you can add any new ones.

  • Santa's Secret Grotto For World Leaders

    Sensation today as it was revealed that Santa has set up a special grotto to cater for world leaders’ secret demands for a personal meeting with the bearded one.

  • Climate Change Fairy Tale: The Fat Bellies Mistake

    In a far off land there lived many people. The land was rich in resources and the climate and soil produced food in abundance. The people were smart and good at growing food and making things, so there was plenty of food and everyone could live comfortably.

  • Leaky Homes a 'National' Disgrace

    The orgy of deregulation in the 1990's laid the foundations for a housing disaster created by a National Party Government putting ideology ahead of logic.

  • Inept Coaching as Barbarian Hordes Slay All Blacks

    It had ambush written all over it, but General Henry sent his men in anyway and watched from the safety of the grandstand as they were defeated by the barbarian hordes.