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Dave Griffith

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12 June 2009


Dave is a Human Resources professional and freelance writer. He is interested in sport, movies, politics and history. He enjoys the outdoors lifestyle on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington. Being a Hurricanes, Warriors, Phoenix and Leeds United supporter means he has come to learn that losing when it matters is not the end of the world - it just feels like it.


  • Best Job in NZ: MP for Te Tai Tokerau

    Ever wanted to slum it on $131,000 a year with an additional $14,800 expense account to take care of those annoying little extras that chew up your disposable income?

  • AB's and Black Caps Victories a Blast from the Past

    The weekends wins by the Blacks Caps and All Blacks were like someone pressing the record button on the nations ‘My Sky’ box in the 1980’s and only replaying it now. 

  • Maori Party Drags National Into 'Death Spiral'

    Being the only racially based political party in parliament means that the Maori Party has always had an uphill battle to remain a unified force.

  • Situation Vacant: Rugby World Cup Favourite

    Two years out from the Rugby World Cup and we are in new territory. There is no clear favourite for the title, and there doesn't look like being one any time soon.

  • All Whites Score While Rugby Collapses

    The firmly hit cross was met by the tall striker rising above the defence who glanced the ball powerfully into the back of the net. Until last Saturday night, Grant Turners goal in Sydney in a World Cup qualifier against Australia in 1981 was my finest memory in watching soccer live.

  • How National Can Lose The Next Election

    Two years out from the next election and the Key led Government is so strong that National could govern alone. I bet some days at their cabinet meetings John wishes they were. It is a long shot but they could lose the next election.

  • Carters Cardiff Cuddle Turns Off IRB

    Many women and probably more than a few men would love Daniel Carter to wrap his arms around their neck, but not the IRB it seems. Dan has been cited for his little cuddle in Cardiff with Martin Roberts played out on the big screen before a clearly jealous crowd.

  • Where's Wallaby? Last Seen Playing Rugby in Tokyo

    If All Blacks rugby fans had to pick a rugby team to have as the AB's current bunnies then the Wallabies would be right up there. Only England would be a realistic chance of knocking the Wallabies out of first place. 

  • Whales Eat Krill - Shock Announcement from Japan

    In an announcement that has taken the world by surprise, the Japanese Fisheries Agency has announced that after killing 59 Minke whales they have discovered they eat krill.  

  • Retailers RULE out Customers by 'Rogering' them

    I am not sure when wheel clamping and bag searches became part of the whole ambience of shopping, but recent personal experience has reminded me of the often farcical nature of rules.