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27 March 2009


David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Did You Read My Email Yet?

    Ever wondered if people read your email?  Tried the reply requested?  Wondered if they were lying to you when they said "Yes, we read your note?"  Well services like EmailOracle want to end that mystery.

  • Internet Time Machines

    Considering that the Internet is been available to the general public for less than 20 years, it is amazing to see the number of sites that have sprung up to explore the history of the Internet.  From webpages to videos you can go back in time on the net.

  • Text and Drive Safely with Text'nDrive

    There’s no two ways about it: emailing while driving is extremely dangerous. But for many people, going off the grid for the duration of a long drive is more alone time than they can handle.

  • Google Loses Some Threads

    While there have been many good reasons to switch to Gmail, there has also been one big negative.  That challenging feature has been Google's insistence on threading messages into conversations.  As Google said in a recent blog posting, "Conversation view is perhaps Gmail’s most hotly debated feature."

  • Future Technology Jobs

    Ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up and you are likely to hear doctor, fireman, nurse, veterinarian.  But what they should be saying is social media manager, risk management specialist or cybrarian.

  • Status Jacking Ruins Reputations

    Feeling secure on Facebook?  Well a recent report from AVG warns users against social networking sites and the potential for pages that compromise security and "friends" who may status jack your reputation.

  • Life Without Social Media

  • Google - Security Starts with your Employees

    While companies can put in place a myriad of technology to assist with security, people remain the biggest risk and Google acknowledged that two employees have been terminated after being caught spying on user e-mails and chats.

  • Coca cola Village - Melding Facebook and the Real World

    If you’ve been wondering how to seamlessly integrate an experiential event with Facebook, a summer event at Coca-Cola Village Amusement Park in Israel showed us all how to do it, in real time!

  • Risks and Rewards with Cell Phone Recycling

    As people keep on updating, there are millions unused mobile phones which can be recycled, but before you recycle be sure you do everything possible to remove any of your personal data.