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27 March 2009


David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Facebook With Privacy - The Fridge and Diaspora

    Do you want to share some photos or some news with just part of the world?  Well then TheFridge or the soon to be released Diaspora may be your social media friend.

  • Gmail Priority Inbox Sorts Your Email For You

    In the latest iteration of "Google knows best" the Priority Inbox tool will now identify which of your email messages are most important.  Much to my amazement, it does a pretty good job too! 

  • Social Media and the 2010 Earthquake

    The most memorable thing of this 2010 Earthquake will be that there were no immediate casualties, but beyond that will also be the role of social media in breaking this story.

  • Google Maps Supports Pool Parties and Taxes

    In one of the more unique uses of Google Maps, governments are using this service to locate pool owners who are not paying their taxes!

  • Facebook Used to Issue Traffic Tickets

    The traffic police of Delhi, India, are using citizen submissions on a Facebook page to catch and ticket misbehaving drivers.

  • Facebook sues over use of 'book' in web name

    Social networking giant Facebook is suing a small US based Web company that provides teachers with tools to manage their classrooms arguing that the use of the word "book" in their name infringes upon Facebook.

  • BYOC - Bring Your Own Computer

    While a company rarely asks people to bring their own chairs or their own paper clips, you often do have to provide your own uniform and maybe soon your own laptop?

  • Privacy - Germany vs. Google

    Germany is jumping to the lead with Google caving in and providing opt outs for Street View and a new law that will limit employers ability to check out prospective job candidates on Facebook and other social networks.

  • Google Suggests Name Changes to Protect Privacy

    Future generations will have to change their names in order to escape the online embarrassments of their youthful mistakes recorded on Facebook and other social media sites according to the head of Google.

  • Anonymous Web Browsers are Really Semi-Private

    Many users, especially people at work or public computers, use the new "private" browsing modes found in all the major browsers, but research has revealed that private really is semi-private at best.