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David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • What Does Google Know About YOU?

    In this digital world where online companies seem to know your life history, Google is trying to take the lead on privacy issues with the Google Dashboard. This service allows you to see all that Google knows about you.

  • Google Maps and Takes Over the World

    GPS turn-by-turn navigation has historically been something you had to pay for. But Google is now offering it for free - changing the shape of the GPS industry with one announcement.

  • Technology to the Rescue for Car Accidents

    Almost every driver is an accident at some point. If you find yourself in one, AccidentSketch is a web-based tool that can help you draw up a picture and generate a report to give to your insurance company.

  • Facebook and Twitter Data Becomes Search Engine Friendly

    Twitter has announced agreements with both Bing and Google to allow the two search engines to get access to the full feed of public Tweets.

  • Internet Love

    Once upon a time, lovers had to rely on the old classics - handwritten notes, whispering in each other's ears or maybe some roses.  But today, with the Internet and social media you can declare you love via technology.

  • Easy Software Updates

    Most computer users install software and forget.  Unless the software automatically updates itself, without any prompts, most users are still running the same version they once downloaded.  However, there are some easy ways to update and secure your PC.

  • To Upgrade, or not to Upgrade - That is the Question

    Starting Oct. 22, PC users will be able to get the official release of Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 7.  If you are buying a new PC it will come with Windows 7, but the big question is should you update existing PCs to Windows 7.

  • Think Your Phone or Facebook Data is Backed Up?

    If you don't make regular backups of your services, then think twice when you read about how T-Mobile and Microsoft/Danger have told 800,000 US Sidekick customers that all the data on their phones is gone for good.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials Is Surprisingly Good!

    Keeping your Windows PC secure from viruses and spyware can be both difficult and expensive and some of the popular security software slows down computers.  Microsoft Security Essentials is a new free and effective anti-virus and anti-malware program.

  • Google Adds Bling to Compete with Bing

    Google continues to work to address the threat posed by the real-time search capabilities of services like Twitter and Facebook. Google just rolled out 9 new ways to add options to your search to get optimal results.