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David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Holiday Gifts for Geeks

    With only 80 shopping days to Christmas, it's time to start thinking about the geek in your life especially when you have to mail order the perfect gift from overseas.  These items walk the line between gift and gag and point out the unique side of technology.

  • Prototypes - Check out the Future of Facebook

    Rather than just launch new features and see how tens of millions of user react, Facebook has created a prototype section to allow for testing of new innovative ideas.

  • Microsoft and Apple Want You to Think Tablet

    While rumors have been swirling that an iPod tablet device will be released soon, it looks like Microsoft has been doing some secretive work of it's own with Courier an impressive looking

  • Mapping Technology Moves Indoors

    Internet mapping applications have changed the way that many of us travel - from how we drive around the neighborhood to how we plan longer trips.  However, mapping technology is getting ready to take us to the next level with mapping the interiors of large buildings.&n

  • French Lobbying to Limit Photoshopping

    A group of French politicians led by an expert on eating disorders wants to put warnings on airbrushed photo spreads in magazines as well as doctored shots in used in advertisements and packaging.

  • Bing - Are Images the Future of Search?

    The classic saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, but Microsoft Bing is betting on a picture being worth a thousand keywords.  Bing is testing a visual search which returns results as an interactive gallery of images.  Bing is growing - will this be one of the features that help Bing catch up with Google?

  • Video Game Nostalgia

    While the high definition available on new video games is pretty impressive, it appears that many folks have nostalgic feelings for the video game action that they grew up with.  They say you never forget you first video game love and a number of Internet sites are helping to ensure that you can return to those days of yesteryear.

  • The Internet Ensures that Bad Photos Never Die

    Once upon a time, embarrassing photos might have been shared with a handful of people and then forgotten.  But today, if you have the real photos or even the desire to make some convincing fake ones, you can embarrass your friends in front of millions on the Internet.

  • Digital Images Instantly to the Internet

    File developing has changed in the last 20 years at a staggering pace.  While it once took days to get file developed, new technology will allow you to take a photo and have it on the Internet being viewed by friends and family thousands of miles away in near real-time.

  • The True Cost of an iPhone

    While the popularity of the iPhone continues to grow, the real cost of the iPhone is only now becoming clear.  You start with the phone, then you need voice, text and data, then you need accessories and then the popular iTunes store where iPhone Apps purchases are averaging 80 dollars.