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David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Make a Bank Deposit via Your iPhone

    With online banking and ATM machines, far fewer of us have to wait in bank queues. But you still have to head to the bank or post your checks to the bank whenever it's time to cash a cheque.

  • Early Word On iTunes 9

    With over 75 million accounts on iTunes, there are many people waiting to hear wait will arrive in iTunes 9.  Rumors are running wild that we'll soon hear about iTunes support of Blu-Ray, Twitter, Facebook and even  Only time will separate the rumors from reality.

  • Whistle, But Don't Twitter, While You Work!

    So far most employees are allowed to whistle why they work - but whether they can Twitter and what they can Twitter about is a growing challenge and controversy around the world!

  • Is The Internet Disgusting?

    You've sent your friends funny videos.  You've forwarded links to cool YouTube videos.  Well, now take your "sharing" to a whole new level with these 5 disgusting websites.  Odds are all your friends will resist clicking, but in the end curiosity will get them - though th

  • Can Dazzboard Dazzle iTunes Customers?

    iTunes rules the world in terms of transferring music back and forth between hand held devices and the Internet. However, Dazzboard, is set to challenge that dominance with a service that will allow you to plug a wide range of mobile devices into your computer and easily transfer multimedia content like photos and videos in addition to music.

  • How Safe Is Your iTunes Library?

    Once upon a time all our music was on physical media - records, tapes or CDs.  But today, many of us have our valuable music all on digital media and as much as we like the digital world - stuff happens to technology.  But, meta-Ipod is a tool that can bring piece of mind to even the most fanatical iTunes users.

  • Police Enforcing Wi-Fi Security?

    With more people setting up personal/home Wi-Fi networks, opportunistic Wi-Fi hijackers are finding themselves free to roam around cities in search of unsecure networks looking for ways to steal identity data. The Queensland, Australia Police are wise to this growing trend, and in an effort to educate citizens and combat cyber crimes, they’ve decided to do something about it.

  • Facebook Photos - Who Really Sees Them?

    Millions of people have now uploaded photographs to Facebook and with new tools, it is doubtless that millions more photos will soon be updated.  However, what happens to your photos - how secure or private those photos are - is an interesting tale.

  • Utterly Useless Twitter Applications

    Twitter is one of the fastest growing fads to ever hit the world - and it truly has spread around the world.  As these seven unlucky applications will prove - that does not mean that the world has responded with useful additions to Twitter.

  • Digg Hijacking Your Links!

    There are many ways to get shortened URLs and Digg joined in this world a few months ago with the URL shortening service DiggBar.  They hit some initial controversy, but that ended today when a new change ignited major controversy as they are essentially stealing visitor traffic.