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David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Kindle or Kindling? hopes that a bigger version of its Kindle electronic reading device will help move the digital book reader into the mainstream.  The new and larger Amazon Kindle DX comes in with a steep price at US$489 (NZ$837) and Amazon is basing a large part of its sales hopes on the goal of turning college textbooks into kindling. 

  • Google Latitude follows you, wherever you may go!

    Privacy - it seems like we loss a little bit each day.  You have video cameras following you throughout your day in stores, in the streets and in public buildings.  You have more people with cameras than I ever thought possible - digital cameras, cell phones with cameras the new

  • iTwitterPhone - Twitter and iPhone Unite

    Every day it seems like there is a new development with Twitter.  Almost every hour is seems like a new iPhone application is released.  Thus it should be no surprise that iPhone applications for Twitter are on the loose!   The challenge is figuring out which applications are worth paying for, which one are over-hyped and which ones are just a plain waste of time and space.  Check out the details to see 7 apps that are worthy of your attention.

  • Tweeter or Plurk? That is the Question

    If I had the option of plurking versus tweeting I would. If I had said those words when I was growing up I truly would have had a bar of soap in my mouth. But today I can say them with a straight face and mean it. Plurk is a microblogging platform just like Twitter - some may say even better than Twitter.

  • Technology and the Swine Flu

    This week, news broke of a new and fatal swine flu on the Mexico-U.S. border.  Surgical masks are being distributed throughout Mexico City in an attempt to slow down transmission of this illness.

  • 3 Cool Add-Ons for YouTube

    Sometime in the last few weeks it seems like YouTube turned into  But if you can spare a moment from your 15th viewing of the "Susan Boyle Britain's Got Talent Video" there is much more that you can do with YouTube.  Create files, create ringtones and add your own captions and words - a ton of ways to make YouTube even more fun that it already is.

  • An After Death Email Experience

    "Die, my dear? Why, that's the last thing I'll do!"  Those are the famous last words of the comedian Groucho Marx.  But several new Internet sites are trying to prove old Groucho wrong by allowing you to communicate after death.

  • Protect and Defend Your Laptop

    Life is full of things we should do. We should eat healthy. We should exercise. We should take vitamins. Oh, and in the modern world we should backup and secure our computer.  Think about the files, the photos, the documents, the emails and everything else that you have on your PC. More importantly, think what you would do if you lost it all. If the hard drive failed – would you miss those files? Worse yet, if your laptop went missing, lost or stolen, would you have to worry about the passwords or financial data that resides on the laptop?

  • Hunting For Top Music

    There is no shortage of lists that claim to report the "top" songs.  They range from Billboard, which while US based is probably the best know music chart around the wor

  • Hey Mikeyy, Twitter Has Some Security Issues!

    It was 27 years ago when Tony Basil first sang "Hey Mikey" but today Twitter is tweeting a new twist with "Hey Mickeyy you're so fine, You're so fine, you hack my twitter, hey Mickeyy, hey Mickeyy." While the details are still sketchy it is clear that Twitter was hit hard by t