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27 March 2009


David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Skype Files for IPO

    Skype, which emerged from a poor match with eBay to be sold to a group of private investors last year, is preparing to re-emerge as a publicly traded company.

  • Google - Wave Out, Slide In

    Google once looked untouchable, but with this week's closing of Google Wave and the slow growth at Orkut and Google Buzz, Google is not longer looking untouchable.  But with deep pockets they are looking to acquire some winners.

  • Sound the Alarm When Google Sees You

    If you've ever wondered how often Google looks at what you are doing or how often you send data to Google, than Google Alarm is for you. 

  • Blackberry's Challenge - It's Too Secure

    Citing national security concerns, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced that in October it will begin banning Blackberry Messenger, Blackberry email and Blackberry web browsing.

  • Google Bings Image Search

    Google has announced the largest redesign of Google Images since 2001.  Lots of new features, many of which borrow heavily from their prime competitor Microsoft Bing

  • ToneCheck: Keep Your Foot Out of Your E-Mouth

    When was the last time you interpreted an e-mail the wrong way or had somebody misinterpret a message you sent?  Well, with ToneCheck you now have a way to make email better.

  • The Internet Is Running Out of IP Addresses

    Leading computer experts, including Vint Cerf, the man who helped invent the Internet, are trying to raise the publicity level that the web is running out of unique addresses.

  • Party On with Online Invitations

    We talk online, we watch TV online, we read newspapers and books online, we write letters online.  And now, if several new services succeed, we'll drive another coffin into the casket of the Post and send our wedding invites online.

  • The latest Facebook Trend - Lawsuits

    While Facebook is now reporting over 500 million members, it is unclear how many of these members are also suing Facebook.

  • PrintFriendly - Save Money and the Environment

    Web pages are full of content - ads, photos, navigation and sometimes you don't need to see all that.  With tools like Print Friendly and Readability you can save paper and ink when you print. and even time as you read long articles.