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David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Will Google Be Your Next Travel Agent?

    Google has just purchased ITA, the developer of the airfare search and pricing system QPX that is used by most major airlines.  Clearly Google plans to move into the lucrative travel search business

  • Androids Finally Invade New Zealand

    While many are waiting for the new version of the iPhone, phones based on Google's Android operating system are rapidly gaining traction with several big releases finally heading to New Zealand.

  • Problems Plague iPhone 4

    Screen yellowing. Buggy cameras. Lost reception. Reports from the countries getting the first iPhone 4 models are showing that the iPhone 4 may be the buggiest Apple product ever as well as the best selling product!

  • To Have A Question Site Or Not?

    Yes, this appears to be the question for both Facebook and Google.  With Yahoo Answers, the question world is one of the places Yahoo has flourished - but it looks like Yahoo is in for more competition.

  • Death by Tweeting

    In a sign of the times, or perhaps a sign of the apocalypse, in the United States the Attorney General of Utah, Mark Shurtleff, used Twitter to tweet the impending execution by firing squad of convicted murderer Ronnie Lee Gardner.

  • Movieclips - Watch all the Classic Movie Lines

    Are "you talkin' to me" or maybe thinking "I'll be back."  These are just two of thousands of famous movie quotes that you can now legally see for free at Movieclips.  This beta site bills itself as "a site for movie fans made by movie fans."

  • Soluto - Anti Frustration Computer Tools

    Soluto, the anti-frustration software, asks "Can you imagine having to restart your car engine several times a trip?" But they not only wonder why people put up with PC frustrations, they have new products to help end PC frustrations.

  • The Loo and Other Things You Should Not Tweet

    Okay Twitter is popular.  Tweeting can be fun.  But is there no sense of privacy; no sense of decorum?  Check out this list of the most bizarre Twitter Applications.

  • Foursquare - Location, Location, Location

    In the last year, apps like Foursquare have allowed mobile users to broadcast their current location in order to earn points, gain mayorships and meet new people.  Perhaps more importantly, businesses are seeing a match with location apps.

  • Customize Google to Look Like Bing

    The Bing-ification of Google continues as Google announces a new feature which allows you to add our own background image to Google's search page.