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David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • What Evil Teaches Us About Facebook

    While the media focuses on Facebook's privacy policies, too many people continue to give away their personal data. Check out these evil and helpful tools to ensure your Facebook security.

  • Social Media and the Longest "Goal"

    With the World Cup kick-off approaching football Visa has launched its VISA FIFA YouTube Channel to use technology and social media to gather the enthusiasm of footbal fans and create the longest “goooal!” shou

  • Real or Vaporware - Facebook and Hotmail

    In the 1980's the computer industry suffered from product announcements long before product reality.  This month, Facebook and Microsoft's Hotmail brought us back to those days of hype over reality.

  • Cc-Everybody Wants You to Share Email

    Between Facebook, Twitter, Location Services, Google and more it seems like one of the few places you can still have a private online conversation is email. But a new startup, Cc:Everybody hopes to change even that.

  • Tour the World with the iPhone

    A mobile device can be a great help when you're exploring a city or even just a new place in near your home.  Apps like MyTours want to change the travel and tourism industry. 

  • Facebook Skips Privacy and Attacks Security

    While Facebook continues to struggle with concerns over weak privacy policies, they are taking steps to increase security for millions of Facebook Fans.  Facebook users would be wise to take advantage of these options.

  • Google Admits to Collecting Wireless Data

    Google has admitted that it gathered data about personal wireless connections from homes around New Zealand and other countries as part of gathering data for Street View maps.

  • YouTube - Home To Software Piracy

    While most people visit YouTube to hear some music or see a funny video - usually because a friend sent a "check this out" email, YouTube is fast becoming the top source for ways to steal software registration codes.

  • Read the Terms of Service - or Lose Your Soul

    Admit it - you never read the terms of service (TOS) when you setup accounts on the Internet.  Well, you are not alone, but last month 7,500 shoppers legally sold their souls. 

  • Virtual Worlds Lead to Real Lawsuits

    Second Life's virtual environment was once hyped as the next big Internet craze.  While it has never quite reached those heights, it has certainly attracted some crazed users - folks who are getting divorced and making lawsuits in the real world.