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David Silversmith

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27 March 2009


David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Tricks for spotting Fake Online Reviews

    Astroturfing, posing as real consumers to post positive reviews and commentary to Web sites and Internet message boards about their own companies, remains a thorn in the side of all Internet sites that post reviews.

  • Stickybits - Barcode Your Life

    The Internet has made people more social and now Stickybits wants to make objects part of the social media world. This startup adds a social layer to barcodes that can be found on millions of objects.

  • Google Keeps on Buying the World

    Google might not be able to buy China, but they are aggressively buying companies like web video platform Episodic, image-editing tool Picnik, social search engine Aardvark and mobile e-mail utility reMail.

  • Facebook - A Policeman's Best Friend?

    Many people are concerned with the privacy implications of sharing information online with Twitter and Facebook, but nobody should be more concerned than a Mafia criminal in hiding! 

  • Museum of Modern Tweets

    Everyday messages are left across the Internet - on Facebook, on Twitter, on Craigslist, on MySpace.  As if many of these messages were not funny enough, now you can visualize the humor in social media.

  • Google Testing Ads on Maps

    Google is testing yet another revenue stream – companies are now able to pay to have their brand logo appear on their location on Google Maps.

  • Cricket Leaps to the Forefront of Social Media

    While cricket is popular in certain countries around the world, it has always suffered on the international level without any play in the major US media market, but now cricket is stepping into the lead in Internet integration.

  • Please Rob Me

    A new website aggregates publicly shared updates to showcase the dangerous side effects of location-sharing via social media.

  • Instant Jury - The Court of Public Opinion

    Take your friends to court to tell your side of the story - while a public jury will vote on who's right! You can also help others settle their squabbles by joining a jury and weighing in.

  • Droolr - The Wishlist for Geeks

    Droolr is a website where people can share and vote on the latest in gadgets, electronics, and any other items interesting to geeks.  From tweeting dogs to transparent toasters this is the place to spot trends.