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27 March 2009


David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Bloody Meetings - Meet or Die

    Whether you love meetings or hate meetings, the Internet is here to help you.  MinuteBase and MeetingMix will add order to your meetings and MEETorDIE will help you quantify your bad meetings.

  • Auction Shopping Beyond eBay

    Do you wonder how some people mange to buy brand new PS3, XBox 360, Wii and other gadgets for well below the recommended retail price?  Well on line bidding sites are one key and NZ is a hot bed for bidding.

  • Internet Privacy - Blocking Cookies Is Not Enough

    Many people block Internet cookies and think that they are now assured anonymity on the Internet, but the truth is that computers and users can easily be tracked even without delicious cookies.

  • Social Media Uses - Gone Too Far?

    There have been numerous articles about social media how you can used to stay in touch. Perhaps one of the best indications of the success of a  technology is to see how the technology is used differently from how it was initially intended.

  • TVGorge - Stream New TV Shows

    If you're tired of being told that good online TV is not available in our region, then you'll want to check out TVGorge and its growing collection of current TV shows.

  • Ever Wonder Who's Googling You?

    You've done it.  You've Googled a coworker, an old friend or even yourself? Then you wonder, "Is anybody looking for me?"  While Google won't reveal this type of information you can find out when and where someone is searching for you.

  • Word Processing - Off or Online?

    Microsoft Word will be released in 2010 as part of the Microsoft Office Suite but for many people this will be the first release of Office where users will really have to consider the issue of desktop software like Office or online software like Google Docs.

  • Reputation Insurance - Value or Modern Scam?

    While the purpose of social media is largely fun and fellowship - this same information has led to surprising and even harmful implications for many people.  Now, several startups hope to profit from insurance plans to protect your reputation.

  • Yahoo - Surviving After One Year With a New CEO

    It's been a year since Carol Bartz took over the helm of the struggling Yahoo.  Has this been a year of striving or just surviving?

  • 5 Free Tools for PC Cleanup

    It's a new year, but most of us still have an old computer, a computer that is full of misplaced files, unused software and thousands of extra files that slow down the PC.  Here are five free tools to easily make your PC run faster for 2010.