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David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Photoshop May Put Your Face On A Most Wanted Poster!

    A Spanish politician was shocked to find out the FBI took his photo off of a website and used it for a digitally-altered image showing how Osama Bin Laden might look today.

  • Google in China - Morality or Reality?

    Google, which entered China in early 2006, said that it recently uncovered a "highly sophisticated and targeted" hack into the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. The investigation uncovered a larger pattern in which Google reports that the accounts of dozens of activists have been "routinely" accessed by third parties, either through malware or phishing scams.

  • Facebook Battles Virtual Identity Suicide Attempts

    If you are tired of living in the social media world with too many followers and friends - who really aren't friends - then several new services can help you end it all!  But Facebook is "coming to the rescue" to stop these services from assisting you in your virtual identity suicide.

  • Games - Should You Ever Pay First?

    Should you pay for any games before trying?  Less than three months after launching its popular iPhone game Tap Tap Revenge 3 as a 99-cent app on iTunes, developer Tapulous made the game free and the game was downloaded 300,000 times in 24 hours. 

  • Better Parenting with an iPhone

    It’s hard to believe that a little device like the iPhone can help parents become more organized, time-efficient, knowledgeable, even relaxed. However, that’s the beauty of an iPhone - tons of free applications to help you get through life.

  • Microsoft's Whitelist Helps Hackers

    Microsoft was trying to help consumers save time while fighting off spam, viruses and hackers.  However, it looks like their tips are also helping hackers - far from what Microsoft hoped to be doing.

  • Australia Struggles to be a Democratic Censor

    The Internet is filled with fabulous resources but unfortunately not every part of the Internet is pure.   While countries around the world are questioning how to contain this - Australia is the first democracy to be tackling this challenge head on.

  • Drive a Car Over the Internet

    Once upon a time a toy car was all you needed to keep a little boy occupied (and sometimes a few grown-ups too).  But the next generation will allow drivers to use the Internet to drive actual physical vehicles at a track.

  • Can LeWeb Predict the Internet Future

    While the Internet is the World Wide Web, in recent years it has been very US centric in terms of the biggest applications.  However, the LeWeb conference in Paris is leading the charge for international start-up ventures.  Companies like Stribe, TigerLily, Club Cooee and TicTacDo are a

  • Apple Drops Cheating iPhone Developer

    Apple has had their challenges policing the iTunes Apps store and has often been accused of moving slowly - but the Chinese developer Molinker learned the hard way that when pushed Apple will take decisive action.  Even though they had over 1,000 iPhone applications, they were busted for sca