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David Silversmith is a consultant with more than 20 years of geeky experiences


  • Twitter - It's Not Just For Humans Anymore!

     Twitter was designed to answer the simple question "What are you doing?"  But everyday it seems that the concept of "you" is being streched.  There are devices that allow your plants to tweet when they need water,  automated updates from bakeries when stuf

  • Wikipedia Future Questioned as Volunteers Flee

    Millions has used Wikipedia but far fewer have created content for Wikipedia and the usefulness of Wikipedia could be undermined as thousands of volunteer researchers abandon the site.  This poster child for user generated content is starting to show signs of aging.

  • Break-Dancing Infants Set A Guinness Record

    The Guinness Book of World Records has determined that Evian’s break-dancing infants have racked up a total of 45,166,109 online views worldwide making it the most viewed online advertisement in history.

  • Can Murdoch and Microsoft Save the Newspaper World?

    News Corp chief executive Rupert Murdoch has said that readers will start paying fees to read his papers within the next year and that the News Corp will probably remove its stories from Google news searches.  While Internet pundits have laughed at Murdoch - Microsoft could change the game.<

  • Invades Wellington

    While the Four Square grocery store and Mr. Four Square are one of New Zealand's most iconic identities, a new internet based Foursquare has just landed in Wellington. is 50% friend-finder, 30% social cityguide, 20% nightlife game.

  • Gmail's Crusade - Kill Embarrassing Email

    Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person?  Perhaps you have forgotten an attachment?  Or, maybe after a few too many beers you typed off an email?  Well - Gmail Labs wants to put an end to email embarrassment.

  • 1 Million Xbox Live Consoles are Banned

    Thousands of Xbox gamers have been cut off from Microsoft's online gaming service Xbox Live because they modified their consoles to play pirated games - a violation of the Xbox Live User agreement.

  • Social Media Changes the Rules

    Need an an alibi to tell the police - try out Facebook.  Need to prove your opponent fouled you, give YouTube a try.  The examples are growing where the Internet and social media are influencing and changing how the world works.

  • Computer Mouse - Not So Simple Any More?

    Once upon a time the computer mouse moved the cursor and had one simple button, then two, then a scroll wheel and now, as you will see here, computer mice have been taken to all extremes - from growing grass to 18 buttons!

  • iPhone Welcomes A Worm

    If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone, it's time to become vigilant.  A worm, originating in Australia, is targeting iPhone owners who have not changed the default password after installing SSH. The worm’s behavior is somewhat amusing - not dangerous - but who knows what comes next?