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23 May 2012


My name is David and I am currently studying engineering at university in New Zealand. I'm a christian, and I strive to honour God in everything I do. I don't always succeed, but I never use my imperfection as an excuse, and am constantly maturing and constantly learning to love others better on a daily basis.

I love media, whether it's films, music, pictures, 3D art or games. I love all sorts of music: metal, rock, pop, classical R&B, country, arabic, indian etc. If it sounds good I'll listen to it.

I also like playing sport, and right now, the sport I'm following the most is American politics. Which brings me to another interest of mine, politics. I also like computer programming, because I've found in recent years that I'm good at it, but also because I enjoy it. So there you are, that's about it.


  • DVD Review: The Avengers - Season 1

    Previously I did a review on The Avengers: Thor’s Last Stand and loved it.  So when I was given an opportunity to watch the rest of season 1, I couldn’t resist saying yes.  It didn’t disappoint me either as I loved every second of season 1.  With

  • Film Review: Dark Knight Rises

     I was always looking forward to the finale of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, despite being annoyed at Batman's morals. Even if the lore wasn't entirely true to the comics, the dark themes that came through were definitely tributes to the Batman universe.

  • DVD Review: Gangland S6

    Gangland Season 6 is about, yep, gangs in the US. This season covers 11 different gangs across different states in America, and looks at the history, mindset, tattoes, structure (or lack-there-of) and activities of these gangs.

  • DVD Review: The Avengers - Thor's Last Stand

     I'm one of those people lucky enough to still have child-like appreciation for cartoons and Disney Pixar movies. Yes, you heard me right. I'm lucky.

  • Movie Review: WWII in HD

    WWII in HD is a documentary on WWII consisting of thousands of hours of colour footage from people actually in the war.

  • Movie Review: The Universe in 3D: 7 Wonders of the Solar System

    Wow. This is a mind-blowing 47 minutes of awesomeness. As the title suggests, The Universe explores various different locations in the Solar System and counts down, what they perceive to be, the 7 best wonders of the universe.

  • Movie Review: Strigoi

    Strigoi is a horror comedy set in a Romanian village which has a problem with vampires, or strigoi, as the Romanians often refer to them. This movie even won an award for “Best European Fantasy Film 2010” and a few other awards... which is completely misleading.

  • Review: Miniscule Season 2

    Miniscule is an animated series with lots of short episodes. The scenery is amazing, it is filmed well, the characters are very cute and I absolutely adore the music.