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Dyani Ellwood

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28 January 2009


Dyani Ellwood is an Auckland-based journalist, mother of one and wife (to one). She has worked in television news, voiced the radio waves and is currently the editor of New Zealand's GiftBuyer magazine, a trade publication. With excess amounts of sarcasm and wit stored onboard, blogging has proved the ideal platform for Dyani to vent out her thoughts and feelings and frustrations (much to her husbands relief).


  • Egging You On

    It's funny how you hear one random piece of information and then a few hours later you see something on television that relates to what you just heard - mind-reading sort of stuff.

  • Mc Steamy Disappoints

    Say the word Mc Steamy to a Kiwi woman and chances are she wont run to Mc Donalds.

  • Renting Fever - Gotta Be In To Win

    Many people share the view nowadays that if you're renting a home you're in a good position, because the current economic climate is most suited to those that don't own their own dwellings.

    I used to be a big believer in this train of thought.  Until last weekend.

  • Yo What's Up With The Gabba

    It's a morning ritual; my son and I eat our yoghurt and cereal and tune into the smiling, happy, seriously-full-on faces on TVNZ's latest and greatest kid's programme - Yo Gabba Gabba.

  • Bush Or No Bush? That Is The Question

    The British backpacker who survived 12-days in Australia's Blue Mountains sure knows when to keep his mouth shut -  when there's news that a potential windfall is coming his way - $1,000,000.00. 

  • MJ's Last Rehearsal - Spooky Or Poignant?

    This morning on Breakfast news they played the last-ever-recorded video footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing for his upcoming London tour.

  • The Oven Or The Office? Or Both?

    Last Monday my husband and I were watching a story on 60 Minutes, TV3, about the resurgence of the 'homemaker' - the women that simply stay at home and bring up the children and cook and clean and basically keep the house in running order.  (You won't catch any wet towels lying on the bathro

  • Lock, Stock And A Two-Year-Old Smoker

    A two-year-old Chinese boy has been labelled the world's youngest 'known' smoker after his father admitted he kicked-started his son's habit.

    The boy, born with a hernia, lights-up a pack a day to help relieve the pain he is in, says his father.

  • Stars On Her Eyes And All Over Her Face

    In world news (yes world news) a Belgian teenager is suing a tattoo artist after he 'supposedly' covered half of her face in inked stars without her permission.

  • Shall I Stay Or Shall I Go? Hospital Sleepovers After Giving Birth . . .

    Presently, I have four women close to me who are about to give birth in the next month - must be something in the water!