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Dyani Ellwood

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28 January 2009


Dyani Ellwood is an Auckland-based journalist, mother of one and wife (to one). She has worked in television news, voiced the radio waves and is currently the editor of New Zealand's GiftBuyer magazine, a trade publication. With excess amounts of sarcasm and wit stored onboard, blogging has proved the ideal platform for Dyani to vent out her thoughts and feelings and frustrations (much to her husbands relief).


  • Gotta Love It! New Zealand's Next Top Disaster

    I had a girlfirend over for dinner last night and we just happened to have the television on mute whilst listening to a great new cd I'm reviewing.  Anyway, 7.30 roles around and we both glance at each other when we see what TV3 has lined up for us: New Zealand's Next Top Model.

  • Boyled Over - Pushing Susan Over The Edge

    In the past week I have been sent the YouTube link to view Britain's latest singing sensatio, Susan Boyle, five times.  The first time, yes, I went and had a squiz at what all the fuss was about - go Susan!

  • Mexico: It's Not All About Salsa and Senorita's

    I have a friend who is heading to Mexico in two months - thank god!

  • Would The Real Oscar Please Stand Up . . .

    Year after year we (the general public), are subjected to watching glistening, well-groomed celeb's addressing the crowds at the annual Academy Awards: clutching their new prized possession - an Oscar - showcasing an all-American smile and delivering a predictable response to their winning.

  • On The Highway To Hell

    The Northern Gateway Toll Road - the extension of the Northern motorway between Albany and Puhoi - is complete, or should I say completely disappointing and if I may go so far as to say, pitiful.

  • All's Fair In Love And War

    Accoring to The Free Dictionary online, the idiom, All's fair in love and war means simply this: "Something that you say which means behaviour that is unpleasant or not fair is acceptable during an argument or competition i.e. We weren't cheating, we were just playing to win.

  • Fantasising When It Counts . . .

    If there is one good thing about watching the latest Aussie flick 'Australia', it’s got to be Hugh Jackman.