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Earl Ho

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30 March 2009


Hey i'm Earl. I love music and it pretty much is my life at the moment as i'm studying music at uni, write music, listen to music, goto gigs, and now through these blogs i'll be writing about music. I think i'm entitled to cd reviews and live music reviews so hopefuly you'll enjoy my posts. I'll keep you all informed on the great music i encounter in my journey through time.


  • Muse- The Resistance- Album Review

    Muse- The Resistance- Album Review

  • Chickenhawk- A. Or Not? E.P Review

    Chickenhawk are an exciting experimental/progressive metal band from Leeds, UK who have just released their second release the weirdly titled "A. Or Not" E.P today, which follows their debut album "S/t" released last year.

  • Beirut-March of the Zapotec/Holland Double E.P Review

    This new release from Beirut's driving force Zach Condon follows his trip to the mexican state of Oaxaca, where to put it simply had his mind blown by the traditional Mexican music played at funerals or "funeral dirge music" as he likes to put it.

  • New Radiohead Song Leaked Onto YouTube!

     "These are my twisted words" is the title of Radiohead's new song which has surfaced on youtube recently.

  • Dirty Projectors-Bitte Orca- Album Review

    There seems to be an endless stream of talent from New York, from Tv on the radio to Vampire Weekend, Interpol, Yeah yeah yeahs, the list goes on.

  • Who Says You Need A Big Budget For An Excellent Music Wideo?

     These two videos showcase how amazing music videos can be made with a relatively low budget and the power of an idea. Plus how shit some videos are.....

    Their quite similar indeed...

  • MGMT live review

    1st show. Tuesday 21st. 

  • Bloc Party- Intimacy- Album Review

    The name of the album makes sense as you listen to the third offering from Bloc Party who have come a long way from their brilliant debut "Silent Alarm" in 2005.

  • Muse Announce Track Listing For Their Forthcoming Album "The Resistance"

     With release scheduled for September 14th Muse have released the tracklisting for "The Resistance". Enjoy!

  • Foals-Antidotes: Album Review

    The debut album from the oxford based Foals is an intriguing listen with a nice mix between their past musical endeavors in "Math rock"(Math rock is a rhythmically complex,guitar-based style of experimental rock music that emerged in the late 1980s.),