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The Flawed Guru

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8 August 2010


The Flawed Guru

Have you ever found yourself with a question about life that you can’t ask any of your close friends or family? Have you ever just needed a ‘pick me up’ or a bit of motivation to make that much needed change in your life? Well that’s why I’m here. I can help by offering some titbits of wisdom and advice that will help you on this life journey we’re all on and in a completely non judgmental unbiased way.

I will never claim to know the answers to all of life’s woes and ills. I will never claim to be an expert on any of the subjects that I might be asked questions about. But what I will claim is that I’ll approach every question and query with an open and honest soul, and this comes from someone who does not follow any particular dogma, as I’m a constantly changing and evolving human being whose views are continually in a state of motion as I grow and awaken to the amazing world around us. I don’t care what your background is, age, race, culture or religion; I will answer the questions universally as best I can.

So why call myself ‘The Flawed Guru’? Well it’s a constant reminder to me and to you, the reader, that everyone is capable of great things in life and anything I say that may help doesn’t make me special. So I will never see myself as superior to the people asking me questions as I know that my help and advice is to be found from many sources in this world, including from within individuals themselves. No one should ever see themselves as above someone else and ‘The Flawed Guru’ concept will always keep me grounded.

So, one and all, if you need help, need inspiration or just have a question about life, which could mean any part of it you like, then e-mail me, join the facebook group, and I’ll endeavour to answer your questions and help where I can in my weekly column.

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