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  • Recommended Reading: Home And Living

    A Home For All Seasons - Kirstin Perers

    Southern Publishers

    The key to turning a house into a home doesn’t depend on the size of your budget; it comes down to small touches and simple techniques that work.

  • A Forensic Fairy Tale: Pushing Daisies

    Once in a blue moon television unveils a fresh show that is distinctly different; Pushing Daisies is one such show.

    Described as a forensic fairy tale, the show debuted in 2007 and quickly won acclaim.

  • Information on Exteriors

    When it comes to appearances the exterior of a home has the potential to be powerful or passé depending on how it’s finished.

    Exterior design should incorporate the size, shape and style of a house.

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

    The critics loved it but viewers failed to tune into Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, a one season wonder from the creators of TV’s The West Wing.

  • The Complexities Of Colour

    When colour is used in a home it frequently reflects the people and personalities who inhabit it.

  • A Cold Blooded Tale

    Infamous  *** 1/2

    A flamboyant author with a nose for news heads to the American mid west to write about a small town murder.

  • Going Green

    Caring for the environment and creating a healthy home go hand in hand whether you are building or renovating a home.

    Incorporating good design doesn’t need to result in increased costs and a major mortgage.

  • DIY Disasters And Recommended Home and Living Reading

    Accidental Renovator: A Paris story

    Barbara Biggs

    Southern Publishers

    When an opinionated Aussie moves to moves to France and finds herself in the midst of a DIY disaster, what follows should be a hilarious farce.

  • Planning For The Future

    Owning a home comes with regular responsibilities from, rates to insurances, maintenance, electricity and telephone.

    While many of these costs are hard to avoid, some can be drastically reduced with a little planning.

  • The Basics of Budgeting

    Building something from scratch or renovating involves stretching savings and making the most of our money.
    Whether you are building a new house or preparing to renovate every project should begin with knowing what you can afford.