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‘Like Mike’ is all about telling it how it is! So from me you’ll get nothing but straight to the point, open and honest film/DVD, music, restaurant and adventure tourism reviews, 150 words or less or your money back guaranteed! Not that you’re paying for them, but you get the point!

So if you want to know if that film currently screening at the cinemas is worth seeing, that DVD sitting on the video store shelf is worth buying or renting, if that new CD is bad-ass, or if that restaurant or adventure tourism spot that’s just opened down the road is good value, then I’ll give you 150 words to help make up your mind, one way or the other!

So have a read, share, like, and just spread the word to help the people know what’s what! Even this profile was 150 words or less! Bam!

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  • DVD Review – Human Weapon, Season 1

    Having caught a few episodes of this show years ago, made me instantly want to check the whole series out when it came up on my review list.

  • DVD Review – History Of The Royal Navy

    Having just seen a show about the sinking of the famous German navel ship The Bismarck, which of course had a major focus on the British Royal Navy, made me suddenly more interested in this DVD that focused entirely on that arm of the English military force.

  • DVD Review – Sink The Bismarck

    Over the years the word Bismarck is one I had heard often, but if push came to shove, I could only hazard a guess that it had something to do with a naval ship, but other than that, I’d be guessing wildly what it really meant to the history books.

  • Best and Worst Films of 2012

    It’s that time of year again, for the Best and Worst films of 2012 to be ranked! Like every year that I’ve done this, I only include films I saw on the big screen, as often that’s the best way to judge a film.

  • Movie Review – The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey

    I went into 'The Hobbit' with very low expectations, and that was for many reasons. One, I just wasn't as excited about the whole thing as I was with the LOTR films. Second, there had been a lot of bad buzz around the films for so many reasons, especially with the 48FPS issue.

  • DVD Review – Discovery Channel’s, Seisen

    The best thing about documentaries is that it either is teaches you about something you didn’t already know, or concisely lays out a subject matter that you know about but in a way that still really perks your interest.

  • DVD Review – History Channel’s, Frozen World

    Sometimes with these DVD specials, they take such wide ranging and diverse episodes from various other TV series that yes they have a link in subject matter, but it can be argued that it’s tenuous at best.

  • DVD Review – History Channel’s, Ancient Scotland

    When I first had the chance to check this series out, I thought it was going to delve into lots of Scottish history, from battles to political intrigue.

  • Movie Review – Lincoln

    'Lincoln' can be summed up in one word, succinct. Well, except that it's not exactly brief. But what it does do is sums up everything clearly what non Americans know, or think we know, of Lincoln as a person and what he did for the history books.

  • Movie Review – Life Of Pi

    What can I say, Ang Lee, or Al to his peps back in the hood, sure knows how to make a film look beautiful, and I wouldn't be surprised to see 'Life Of Pi' walk away with best Cinematography at the Oscars next year.