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17 November 2008


‘Like Mike’ is all about telling it how it is! So from me you’ll get nothing but straight to the point, open and honest film/DVD, music, restaurant and adventure tourism reviews, 150 words or less or your money back guaranteed! Not that you’re paying for them, but you get the point!

So if you want to know if that film currently screening at the cinemas is worth seeing, that DVD sitting on the video store shelf is worth buying or renting, if that new CD is bad-ass, or if that restaurant or adventure tourism spot that’s just opened down the road is good value, then I’ll give you 150 words to help make up your mind, one way or the other!

So have a read, share, like, and just spread the word to help the people know what’s what! Even this profile was 150 words or less! Bam!

For a chance to win any of the DVD's, Blu-Ray's or CD's I review, e-mail to go in the draw!


  • Movie Review – Hit And Run

    I didn’t know much about this film going into it other than it was written, directed and starred Dax Shepard, who people might remember from the early seasons of ‘Punk’d’ and the action adventure comedy film shot in New Zealand, ‘Without A Paddle’.

  • Movie Review – Hysteria

    As a film lover, film reviewer, and general level 6 cinefile, I tend to watch a lot of trailers for upcoming films.

  • Movie Review – Wunderkinder

    I always love getting press invites for the general cinema releases of films I missed at the New Zealand International Film Festival.

  • Movie Review – Total Recall

    So, did I enjoy 'Total Recall'? Yeah, yeah I did. It created an interesting and believable world, and I was glad to see it wasn't a remake, as it really took its own path, so felt fresh...ish. But I also didn't think it was as good as the original.

  • Movie Review – The Bourne Legacy

    I’ve been a big fan of the Bourne series since day one, as it brings together gripping storytelling, great action, and fantastic actors pulling off both likeable and believable characters.

  • DVD Review – Prophets Of Science Fiction

    If there are two things that excite me most about life, it’s film, and the future. Or should I say the science of the future. So of course that makes me a sci-fi film fan, which made this show a no-brainer when picking things to review!

  • Movie Review – Magic Mike

    I see a lot of films by myself being a film reviewer, and it’s actually something I really love to do. But even I thought twice about hitting up a film about male strippers by myself.

  • DVD Review – Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest

    This is a documentary about a top 90’s hip hop group and their trials and tribulations over the years. From the polar opposite view points of the two creative heads, Q-Tip and Phife, to the fan base and other artists who have been influenced by the music and their style.

  • DVD Review – Buck

    There are many times I feel very privileged to be a film reviewer. Most of the times I do it’s because I get to see some amazing films for free, and when I saw this film last year the at the NZIFF, I loved it!

  • New Zealand International Film Festival 2012 – Sunday, 29th July

    Ai Weiwei:Never Sorry and From Up On Poppy Hill 

    Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry