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‘Like Mike’ is all about telling it how it is! So from me you’ll get nothing but straight to the point, open and honest film/DVD, music, restaurant and adventure tourism reviews, 150 words or less or your money back guaranteed! Not that you’re paying for them, but you get the point!

So if you want to know if that film currently screening at the cinemas is worth seeing, that DVD sitting on the video store shelf is worth buying or renting, if that new CD is bad-ass, or if that restaurant or adventure tourism spot that’s just opened down the road is good value, then I’ll give you 150 words to help make up your mind, one way or the other!

So have a read, share, like, and just spread the word to help the people know what’s what! Even this profile was 150 words or less! Bam!

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  • DVD Review – 7 Signs Of The Apocalypse

    This month was a bit sparse with my choices for DVDs to review, so I decided to pick a couple based on biblical prophecies, and this DVD was the first one for me to check out.

  • DVD Review – The Kennedy Detail

    Often when I review TV shows they have to be really good for me to hold onto the DVD afterwards, instead of selling it. So when I picked this DVD to watch, I pretty much knew it would be a solid one to review, but was going to hit my ‘To Sell’ pile pretty quickly.

  • Blu-ray Review – Howl’s Moving Castle

    When it comes to Studio Ghibli, I’m a fan of their more straight forward films, rather than their trippy confusing ones, with ‘Grave Of The Fireflies’ one of my all time favourite animated films.

  • Blu-ray Review – Tales From Earthsea

    'Tales From Earthsea' was damn good, and I feel it's one of the better Studio Ghibli films. I think the reason I connected with it more was its grounding in reality. Sure it deals with magic, dragons and wizards, but it does it in a 'Game Of Thrones' kind of way.

  • Movie Review – The Amazing Spiderman

    No matter how you look at it, 'The Amazing Spiderman' is going to be measured up against the first trilogy, and for many reasons, from the storytelling elements to the actors themselves.

  • Movie Review – Ice Age 4

    I really enjoyed the first two 'Ice Age' films, but felt they had jumped-the-shark with the third, though despite that it’s one of the highest grossing animated films of all time! Go figure!

  • Movie Review – Snow White And The Huntsman

    With two Snow White films this year, including ‘Mirror Mirror’, one would think it might be overkill. Luckily both seemed to take very different routes, as despite being based on the same story, they play out very differently.

  • Movie Review – Safe

    I’m a big Jason Statham fan, and he’s one of those rare actors that make’s the same films over and over again and it doesn’t hurt his career.

  • Movie Review – Brave

    With 11 number one hit movies ranging from great to amazing, it was always going to be hard for Pixar to keep that up. 'Cars 2' came out and was their 12th number one film, but despite that it was sadly Pixar's first bad movie.

  • Movie Review – What To Expect When You’re Expecting

    I tend to watch almost everything when it comes to films, with maybe the odd exceptions with overly teenybopper movies, gross out torture horrors, or what look to be super sappy chick flicks.