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17 November 2008


‘Like Mike’ is all about telling it how it is! So from me you’ll get nothing but straight to the point, open and honest film/DVD, music, restaurant and adventure tourism reviews, 150 words or less or your money back guaranteed! Not that you’re paying for them, but you get the point!

So if you want to know if that film currently screening at the cinemas is worth seeing, that DVD sitting on the video store shelf is worth buying or renting, if that new CD is bad-ass, or if that restaurant or adventure tourism spot that’s just opened down the road is good value, then I’ll give you 150 words to help make up your mind, one way or the other!

So have a read, share, like, and just spread the word to help the people know what’s what! Even this profile was 150 words or less! Bam!

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  • DVD Review – The Hunter

    Australia has been on form over the last few years with a couple hard hitting genre pieces, with the true crime film ‘Snowtown’, and the roughly based true crime film ‘Animal Kingdom’.

  • DVD Review – UFO Hunters, Season 3

    For some reason, ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a massive fascination with outer space and aliens.

  • Movie Review – Prometheus

    There were three massive films I was looking forward to this summer, with ‘Avengers’, ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Batman 3’, and with the first being one of the best superhero movies ever, I was hoping the other two would also be awesome!

  • DVD Review – Point Blank

    When you think of French cinema, or European cinema for that matter, you don’t exactly think of action films as their forte.

  • Movie Review – The Deep Blue Sea

    I remember seeing a trailer for a film a few months ago that was of two people slowly dancing, in 40’s or 50’s clothing, to a piece of music.

  • DVD Review – Ancient Aliens, Season 2

    I’m a big old nerd when it comes to aliens and the mysteries of our ancient history, so last year when I got to review the first season of a show all about the two subjects combined, I was in nerd boy heaven!

  • DVD Review – Ugly Americans, Season 1

    I’m a big believer that things happen for a reason, no matter how small. So 6 weeks ago I was at a friend’s house and just happened to catch my first ever 5 minutes of the show ‘Ugly Americans’, and it hooked me instantly!

  • DVD Review – BBC, The Code

    I’ve always been a big fan of maths, numbers, stats, ancient history and the mysteries of the universe. So growing up was awesome for me as all those things seemed to be intricately tied into each other, which was a nerd boy fantasy for me!

  • Movie Review – Men In Black 3

    I’m a fan of the ‘Men In Black’ films, but I would never say I love them. They’re good fun, and what I would say the perfect example of popcorn adventure.

  • DVD Review – Sector 7

    I’m a big fan of Asian cinema and happily sit down to watch most Chinese, Japanese or Korean films.