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‘Like Mike’ is all about telling it how it is! So from me you’ll get nothing but straight to the point, open and honest film/DVD, music, restaurant and adventure tourism reviews, 150 words or less or your money back guaranteed! Not that you’re paying for them, but you get the point!

So if you want to know if that film currently screening at the cinemas is worth seeing, that DVD sitting on the video store shelf is worth buying or renting, if that new CD is bad-ass, or if that restaurant or adventure tourism spot that’s just opened down the road is good value, then I’ll give you 150 words to help make up your mind, one way or the other!

So have a read, share, like, and just spread the word to help the people know what’s what! Even this profile was 150 words or less! Bam!

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  • Movie Review – The Dictator

    I’m a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen but I must say his films can be hard to watch. I mean I’ve seen all his films to date but I’ve never gone back to re-watch them, and that’s not because they aren’t good.

  • Movie Review – Happy Happy

    I went into this press screening feeling so tired! And when I’m this tired my main focus seems to be just getting through it without falling asleep rather than the films itself, which isn’t exactly a good thing!

  • Movie Review – Trishna

    Seeing a film starring Freida Pinto is always a treat, but not because of her acting ability, but because she’s stunningly hot!

  • Movie Review – Good For Nothing

    You ever wondered where the term Spaghetti Western came from? Well, they were Westerns filmed in Italy, but pretending to be USA locations.

  • Movie Review – The Grey

    It doesn’t take much to get me along to see a Liam Neeson film these days! Sure he’s made some stinkers over the years, but in recent times, pretty much since ‘Taken’ especially; he’s been involved in some great films!

  • Movie Review – The Five-Year Engagement

    I’m a decently big fan of the film ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshal’ and its semi sequel ‘Get Him To The Greek’, so when I heard there was another film from the same director coming out I was keen to check it out!

  • DVD Review – Battle Royale 2

    I loved the first ‘Battle Royale’ film, even despite its quirky Japanese traits! So I always knew I needed to check out its sequel at some point! But poor old 'Battle Royale 2', you tried so hard, and I mean really hard, but you fell so short!

  • Movie Review – Starbuck

    Like with some of my press screenings, I went into this film only knowing the film’s title. So when the cinema foyer was packed with women, I thought this must be a chick flick to have brought out so many media types of the female persuasion.

  • Movie Review – A Dangerous Method

    David Cronenberg is one of those few directors that you can just say his name and it makes people instantly have their minds skewed about what his next film will be like. Not about, but like.

  • DVD Review – The Illusionist

    When seeing an animated film that was up for an Academy Award, you would most likely think it would either be from a major Hollywood studio or from one of the amazing Japanese animation houses.