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12 December 2008


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  • Don't be a Mug, Step out in Uggs. Properly.

    I've recently been reading a lot of blogs and articles by fashion forward people for fashion forward websites about being fashion forward towards Ugg Boots. Since I consider myself a fashion forward kinda guy I figured I'd take a step into the ring about Ugg Boots being fashion forward.

  • Working Now. I Am Serious!

    If you read my last post some weeks ago you'd have read about my anguish and humiliation surrounding my attendance at what I labeled 'job search school'. I won't recap it but if you're interested it can be found HERE.

  • Work experience. Are you serious?

    If you've ever been unemployed for a considerate amount of time for whatever reason, you'll know exactly how frustrating it can be. When you need to fulfil the many condescending requirements to keep the government support going, you begin to question everything.

  • Feminism and religion and litigation oh my!

    Self proclaimed “pro-life feminist” Melinda Tankard Reist (MTR) has called in her lawyers to demand an apology from blogger Dr Jennifer Wilson, or be sued for defamation, who stated in her blog that MTR is a “Baptist” and voiced her opinion that MTR “is duplicitous a

  • Crude True Blood

    A friend and I have recently been getting into HBO's True Blood. For the uninitiated, True Blood is a serial that works on the premise that vampires have been in existence for centuries but only recently have they made their existence known with the advent of synthesised blood called True Blood.

  • Australian State to ban bongs on January 1

    The Australian state of Victoria premier Mr Ted Baillieu has ignited the nanny state cone, pulled it deep through the bubbling anxieties of the worried community, then blown out a new law into parliament earlier this month with the banning of the sale of bongs as of January 1 next year.

  • Don't ask Mum what You want for Xmas

    A marked increase in columns by mothers in online media newspapers surrounding which toys or games they should or shouldn't buy their children is in direct correlation with the nearing of Christmas. This isn't a shock.

  • You should love Nickelback

    For a long time now it has been in vogue to criticise Nickelback and boy has social media made it easier for the anti-Nickbacks to vent.

  • Obama hits Oz

    US president Barack Obama has just landed in Australia and with him comes a platoon of security, minders, cooks, a chef and a disappointing anti-climax. One TV station began a news broadcast live from Parliament House in Canberra before the president even landed.

  • False eye lashes for men?

    In this pressure cooker world of perfectionism women consume cosmetics to attain a manufactured appearance of beauty. One thing that requires attention is the eye lashes. Countless products on the shelves promise thicker, fuller and longer lashes.