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  • What's in a Name?

    In Coke Australia's latest marketing ploy they have decided to personalise their product by putting names on the labels. Not just the Coke name, no, but YOUR name. Whatever your name is, I'm pretty darn sure it's on a Coke bottle. You lucky son of a gun, you!

  • Last Minute Xmas Gift Ideas For The Hard To Buy For And Person Who Has Everything

    Christmas shopping is hell at the best of times; December brings out the worst in people as they become rude and seem to forget about everyone else except themselves.

  • Time Travelling Into The Classics

    A recent time traveller has caused a stir amongst the academic science world and the dreamer world.

  • What Now Has Eyes But Cannot See?

    I saw this on TV not so long ago, you know, on one of those morning shows that likes to show us all sorts of cool new products for us to waste money on. But this one here, truly takes the cake for most ridiculous idea ever.

  • How Long Can It Take To Decide Which Party Will Rule Australia? ABOUT TIME!

    What do you get when you give three independent MPs a large amount of political power of which they aren't used to? Three bumbling indecisive idiots who, together, could probably not even decide on what to have for lunch, the chicken or the beef?

  • How Long A Bad Case Of Writer's Block Can Last

    These days everyone is a writer of sorts, from us small yet stable stable of bloggers to twits on twitter to status updaters on Facebook to the once highly regarded journos and novelists. Nowadays we communicate mainly through writing.

  • Fall Aussies Fall

    Pakistan couldn't do it. The West Indies couldn't do it. Both teams wouldn't do it for fear of the elation that comes with winning. New Zealand has done it. Twice. Where the bloody hell is the cricketing competition? In New Zealand. That's where. A T20 game and now a ODI match.

  • I Haiti Earthquakes

    A bit less than a month ago an earthquake hit Haiti which killed more than 170,000 people. Now, the music world is reaching out to help in their own insular way – a charity-fundraising-pop-song. Wait, not one, but two songs.

  • Who's Racist Now?

    Cricket season raging and with it comes a whole lotta sponsorships, product placement and advertorials. An Australian sponsor was currently caught out by the Americans for running what they perceive to be a racist ad. That's right, the Americans are pulling others up on racism.

  • One Year On

    Man, time flies don't it? This time last year I posted my very first blog for Voxy and in this past year I've had a few interesting comments on my posts.