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  • I'm Not As Skinny As I Used To Be

    Believe it or not, I'm a skinny guy. Yep, no meat on any of my bones whatsoever (well, maybe except one, ha ha oh). For the past few months though, I've been gorging on everything within my sight; pies, fast food, salad, steak, sausages, candles and small children.

  • Hair Art?

    I've been thinking recently a lot about hairdressers. Not because my locks are tatty and ratty and  in need of some qualified attention, but because the word art has somehow got all knotted up in the hairdressing industry.

  • Guys Can Do No Right In Relationships

    In this era of infotainment and advertorials, lifestyle bloggers and writers just loving telling us all about our own relationships.

  • Pedal To The Cloth

    You gotta love a product recall and as they say, the bigger the better. Toyota in the US is recalling 3.8 million vehicles due to faulty floor mats. Seriously.

  • Back To The Office

    Returning to an office job is like returning to a circus job, the antics of office employees are of the verbal acrobatic kind, not the physical kind. The office clowns should wear zany make-up and a bright fuzzy wig but they don't.

  • The Positives Of Cigarette Smoking

    Blamed for causing cancer and other ailments, the humble cigarette has been outlawed for some time. It cannot be lit inside pubs clubs or bars and bus and train stations don't want them lit under shelter.

  • Facebook Is Too Popular So Let's Sue

    The strangest litigation stories always seem to come from America and this is no exception. A woman is launching a lawsuit against the procrastination-site because it is too popular.

  • Online Shopping & Old(er) People

    You know when the simplest exchange of words sparks a chain reaction of thought that you just can't ignore?  I was chatting to Mum the other day about ordering a pizza online - mainly because I couldn't be bothered with the inconvenience of the telephone; finding the phone number, calling it

  • To Smack Or Not To Smack

    Starting this week Kiwis head to the polls to answer the question 'should a smack, as part of good parental correction, be a criminal offence in New Zealand?' Apart from being an obvious waste of everyone's time and millions of dollars, this question answers itself.

  • Don't Get Mad, Get A Can Opener or Get Better Accommodation

    If you've ever travelled before then you'll know the difference between a good value backpackers hostel and its nightly rate. It's not all about freebies but rather about having friendly staff who actually care, services that actually work and an abundance of can openers in the kitchen.