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12 December 2008


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  • Interislander Didn't Float My Boat

    Who would have thought a three hour boat ride could strip you of everything you ever knew only to be reduced to some type of broke and snivelling animal.  Travel can be expensive at times but those times it is expensive you usually pay for what you get and a majority of the time it is totall

  • The Hitchhiker's Fear About Hitchhiking

    If you've ever hitchhiked or picked up a hitchhiker then you'll know it can be a very rewarding experience for all parties concerned. But hitching recently I realised what the ultimate worst experience for any hitchhiker could be.

  • Wanna Work in Queenstown?

    I know I do and if I had jobs to offer then I'd gladly hand them out.  Looking for work in Queenstown right now is like looking for an ice tray atop a snow capped mountain.

  • The War Against The Chaser

    There really should be a national IQ test to determine who and who cannot voice their opinions because everyone who spoke out about the latest Chaser stunt regarding terminally ill children seemed to have missed the point.

  • Thanks, Westpac

    The other day I checked my bank account and found I had an extra $10million too.

  • TOM: The Office Moron

    ver worked in an office? Working in an office as we speak? Thought so. To answer your questions; no, that guy will never discover deodorant. No, that woman will never stop applying make-up at her desk. Yes, the boss is gay but he will never come out.

  • The Love Blog

    In a recent flash of sanity the realisation struck me that swine flu is spreading and the media hyperbole has got me all worried and now I'm considering a different outlook on what to put here, different to the cynical antisocial rants and just plain insane pieces. 

  • Lest We Forget… The Truth

    Yep, ANZAC day is rearing it's bullet wounded face again this year and yet again little kids will line the streets wearing their grandfather's medals with an unjustifiable air of pride and honour.

  • Stories You'll Never See In The Media

    Here are a few brief news stories that may never make the media for varying obvious reasons. One reason could be the fact they are poorly written, kinda like your suburban newspaper which only runs ads or that story that first year journo student tried to get published.

  • Earth Hour 2009

    Switch off all your lights because it's that time of year again.  Earth Hour is looming and we all need to spend an hour in the dark to save the planet.