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  • Ex-Facebook

    We have all had people who have come and gone throughout our lives. Some have left and we've wished we'd never hear from them again.

  • The Music Industry Loves a Bushfire Appeal

    The Victorian bushfires may be under control but the music industry is burning the images in our heads and emptying our pockets.

  • Thailand - What Can Be Said That Hasn't Been Said Before? (Part 2)

    I almost forgot! Electricity! Doesn't sound too exciting right? Wrong. The powerlines on the streets consist of thousands of thin black cables knotted around each other, and trees, and lamp posts like a puzzle with no hope of ever being solved.

  • Irresponsibility Can Kill. A Lesson For All

    There are a lot of harsh truths that need to be addressed regarding the drug overdose that lead to the death of Perth Big Day Out patron Gemma Thoms. 

  • AucKKKland

    The Ku Klux Klan has been around since about 1850 and apparently they aren't too fond of black fellas or those Jewish chaps, and a recent newspaper article states that there is an a

  • Thailand - What Can Be Said That Hasn't Been Said Before? (Part 1)

    Bangkok - Mysterious, exotic and swamped with odours.

  • The Homosexuals Will Save The World

    Of all the problems in the world there's at least one that can be fixed by the gays out there, and all they have to do is whatever it is they do. I'm not talking cutting hair or reporting on celebrities, I'm talking not procreating. 

  • The Death Of Incompetence. Thank You, Barack Obama

    That's it. It's all over. No more laughs. Bush's eight years of incompetent presidency offered so much entertainment and hilarious gaffs but now it's all over. Barack Obama is too competent, too serious and is too smart to laugh at. Serious street, here we come.

  • Let's All Be A Hero

    The term 'hero' is currently sitting in that grey part of the vernacular, used too loosely it's lost its true meaning, but used too selectively it could apply to anyone who has done something a tad beyond the norm, but not exceptional.

  • There's More To The Joker Than Heath Ledger

    Heath Ledger died of drug overdose about a year ago and has now won himself a Golden Globe. Pundits say he is now a clear favourite to win an Oscar. Let's hope this Golden Globe is the last award he receives.